Friday, 28 May 2010

Show + Tell: Belsay Hall layout

I'm about to mention my trip to Belsay Hall in Nothumberland again so ... if you're tired if hearing about it, close your ears and just look at the pretty papers instead. Deal?

OK then, here it is:

'Belsay Hall' layout

In a post earlier this week I mentioned how much of the house had been gutted which draws your full attention to the textures of the painted woodwork, bare floorboards, ornate cornices, plastered walls and sections of old wallpaper:

These textures and soft colours are what I wanted to recreate on my layout:

'Belsay Hall' layout - stamp detail

The 'enjoy today' stamp [a Cat's Life Press design available here from 3DJean] is my current 'go to' sentiment stamp and I've been using it on everything - certainly the best £2:00 I've spent in recent weeks.

'Belsay Hall' layout - ticket detail

Finally, I added a 'B' monogram stamp, a Lost-Coast Designs 'Mother Goose' image, and a few flower fairies [both from 3DJean ].

'Belsay Hall' layout - detail

The fairies are ther eto remind me of the Extraordinary Measures exhibition which involved lots of sculpture that played with your sense of scale and which was the reason we went to Belsay Hall in the first place.

I'm really into soft pinks and 'nude plaster' shades at the moment and I'm pleased how I managed to get some of those working through the layout. Plus I also like how the petals around the flower fairies match my hair .... but then I'm easily pleased .....

Thanks for reading today. Tomorrow I had hoped to go for a nice 'rummage' in a big second-hand/ charity shop I've just heard about. But despite having had this cold for a full week now I'm still coughing like a beast; have sticky bloodshot eyes and atrocious posture as my muscles feel like I've had one of those SlenderTone machines stapped to my stomach for the last 7 days! I think I might have to stay inside for fear of scaring the locals.

So, I can't go out, I'll have to live vicariously through you - what've you got planned for the Bank Holiday weekend stretching out ahead of you?

J :)

p.s: I heard Belsay Hall's quite nice at this time of year ... ;)


  1. First of all, how long has that followers thing been there and how have I missed it???

    Gorgeous page Julie. Something a bit different from you and I really like it.

    Hope you feel a bit brighter soon.

  2. Thanks Sian x

    The followers box is new this week, was looking at the Copy+Paste one and it dawned on me that I didn't have one of my own!

    I'm almost scared to say this out loud but ... I haven't coughed for about an hour .... finger's crossed!


  3. Ooh I do like that. How do you get the paper so gloriously shabby?
    Oh, and when do we get to see a photo of you smiling? I'm probably just jealous, cause whenever I do moody and thoughtful, I look about 50. And very, very cross.

  4. I thought that too about the follower's box will investigate further.

    Really lovely LO it certainly does look like plaster walls with pretty paper.

    I hope you feel better soon.....and as you know I'm recuperating so I won't be going far or living it up at the weekend :)

  5. Thanks Amanda - I hope the weather is lovely so you can have a nice break without moving!

    Sarah - I can't take all the credit for the distressing, the paper itself is beautifully coloured [the pink background is the reversed of the Daisy Ds floral paper I used]. I distress the edges by scraping my craft knife along it .... maybe I'll do a post on my distressing techniques ...

    As for the photos - I used up my year's quota of looking-stupid-whilst-smiling with the photo in post:


  6. I love your layout because it echoes the hall so well - you obviously did choose your pretty papers well.

    Hoping that you manage to spend some of the weekend doing fun things, even if from the comfort of your own home. If it's nice, I'm planning on a walk or two and, if it's not, I 'm planning on some comforting craft time at home.

    Get better soon x

  7. PS You, and your new hair colour, both has no right to be so beautiful!

  8. Beautiful LO, Julie! Love the distressed wallpaper and peeling plaster effect. Seeing plenty of that myself at the moment as we refurbish our kitchen and bathroom. Will be posting funky wallpaper shreds in your Patterns group soon! :o)
    Hope you feel better soon x

  9. Pretty layout, and I *love* the picture of you in that empty room.

    Hope your weekend was quiet (in every sense of the word) but lovely nonetheless.



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