Thursday, 12 April 2012

Art Journaling: Collaged Characters [2]

Hi again.

So, as I mentioned in yesterday's post, I've written this week's prompt for the UKScrappers art journaling 'Art Journey' and my focus has been on 'Collaged Characters'. You can visit the forum here to download the PDF which has lots of ideas on how to create your own, but for now, here's my second example:
This is a page from my notebook journal in which I generally use very little of anything wet eg. ink or paint.

This is both to avoid the pages going too wrinkly and  also because it's a much quicker process and one I've really come to enjoy. I think I'm more of a 'paper + scissors' girl than a 'paintbrush and paint' one. That said, the sunburst around the character is from where I spread gesso thinly through a stencil for a little experiment with texture.

In the 'Art Journey' tutorial I discuss 'head transplants' as a quick, easy and fun way to customise an image you've found in a magazine/catalogue etc. And this lovely creature was one of my examples:
I loved finding just the right sized body for this birdy head and that it even had the righ coloured hair to blend in!

The page itself is about the joys of a good face-scrub.

Yes. Face. Scrub.
Never let it be said art journal has to be deep and meaningful.

It really can be just about the surface. Even the surface of your face!
Ironically after creating a page on how buying some new face products made me feel good ... I'm currently not using them and have gone back to my plain old Simple + E45 cream as I suspect the new one might have been contributing to my allergies!

I suppose it oculd ahve been worse though ... at least my face didn't end up covered in feathers ...

Note to self: Be careful what you art journal about you never know what might happen.
I'll be back tomorrow with the 3rd and final page I created especialy for the 'Collaged Characters' prompt, so i'll see you then.

Julie :-)


My new range of creativity kits - which I've now begun adding to the shop, is called 'Blank Looks' and consists of various combinations of 'colour-hungry bare surfaces and textures' which are ideal for art journalers, arty scrappers, inky cardmakers, altered artists and anyone who loves mixed media and messiness.
There are 3 styles currently in the shop, but I'll be adding more, in different colourways and textures, ASAP.

As the product description reads: BLANK LOOKS are for:
  • ANYONE with a stash of spray inks; acrylics; paint dabbers; dyes and pens which they can throw in the direction of these colour-hungry surfaces.
  • ANYONE who wants to sample multiple textures and surfaces without having to invest in big packs / lengths of any single item ... think "artistic Pick 'N' Mix".
  • ANYONE who wants a self-contained inspiration-kicking idea-sparking clean slate!
 I'm really pleased with how this range has turned out, so ... I guess I should go and start uploading some more ...


  1. Your journal page struck a cord with me this morning as before I'd even had my breakfast I had to rescue a bird that had got stuck in our bird feeder (don't ask!) and I was greeted with a face poking out of it.

    Love the look of your blank kits :)

  2. Ooh you were brave Amanda - I love them ... but not sure I could grapple with one! J rescued a hedgehog last night who'd rather foolishly decided to snuggle in right next to the doorstep. How we didn't step on it I don't know!

  3. This is so weird! Last night I dreamt about a lime scented body exfoliator! I like the look of your new range of kits and look forward to seeing what other kits you add too! You are so original. Where do you get inspiration for your ideas?

  4. Your collaged bird person made me smile! I always admire your stylish collections of items (plus that handwriting - like to make a font?), and your new Etsy ones are no exception.

  5. I'm enjoying your posts here of your collages! Love this one with the bird and the beautiful shades of yellow on the previous collage :)

  6. Oh I love this collage so much! I just nabbed a couple magazines from the library's "free" spot, so this is a good inspiration spot for what to do with them.

    Your posts are so inspiring! I love that you share all your various ideas.

    I keep clippings from magazines and things all the time, but I always feel overwhelmed with how to use them--like, that somehow each piece I've salvaged has to be the prime focal point for however I use it. This is a good reminder (one that I need so often!) about using bits and pieces without feeling like I'm somehow "wasting" them.

    C Marcia (Sequins)


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