Sunday, 22 April 2012

Scrapbooking: Chasing Rainbows

Hello. How's Sunday been treating you?

Mine began with toast, jam and watching 3 huge cooling towers disappear from sight out of our back bedroom window during controlled demolitions . So, y'know ... just an average ordinary Sunday ...

We did manage to snatch some photos of the disappearing act ... so watch this space. But, until then ... here's a page I made earlier.

It's been raining quite a lot lately, which is good for [at least] 2 reasons:
  • [1] because there's been a lot of talk of droughts hitting the UK recently, so hopefully this is helping alleviate things for now; and
  • [2] because when you don't get rain, you don't get rainbows.
And when you don't get rainbows ... you don't get to scrapbook rainbows:
This particularly spectacular and scrapworthy rainbow sneaked up on us while driving home from York last month.

I'd grabbed the camera to capture a huge rain cloud gathering alongside us [the kind of huge, dark, glowering thing we refer to as an 'Independence Day' cloud ... iykwim?].

And immediately after snapping this shot:
... I turned around and gasped when I spotted this: 
It's intense colours and sudden appearance made me shiver for a second ... and then it made me want to get a decent photo of it.

So James turned off the main road as soon as he could and we drove along a country lane, trying to get closer to it:
 And, more specifically, trying to find the end. This is the closest we got:
... we couldn't get any nearer without driving into [and across] a farm! But the view, and the photos I took, were certainly worth the mini-detour.

This 7Gypsies rub-on quote seems to say it all:

The word 'Rainbow' in the title, the little snippet of rainbow beneath the photo and the words at the top:
... were all cut from a vintage comic and are another example of one of my favourite methods of scrapbooking:


If I'm honest, despite having lots to blog about, I've been suffering from an uncharacteristic bout of blogger's-block lately. But I'm sure I'll be back later this week with something ... or other ...

J :-)


  1. That's a super one! Scrapbook page as well as rainbow ... How obliging of J. to go off piste, as it were, to let you track it. A man who clearly understands scrapbookers. I like the way you've sewn a little floral scrap onto that lace ...

  2. Fab photo Julie, very oblliging your other half. Hope your bloggers block is sorted out soon.

  3. beautiful, certainly one of your loveliest LOs.

  4. You captured a really beautiful rainbow.

  5. Since we moved to our new place, we see beautiful rainbows - sometimes double ones, so vividly out of our front door after heavy rainfall. They seem so close too. I wonder why, must be something scientific... strange though that we are surrounded by fields too.

    Maybe manure has some reflecting property or something :P

    Love your page. I wonder if Rainbow chaser is an official job like a tornado chaser :D

  6. It was amazing photos of the rainbow.I have never seen such a photo of rainbow this close.

  7. What a lovely delicate pretty LO.

    What a coincidence the cooling towers here were demolished but sadly I missed it as we were away but I've seen some fantastic photos. The landscape in that area just isn't going to look right without them.

  8. I've never managed to photograph a rainbow - this is lovely!

  9. Very beautiful photos and page. That 7 gypsies quote is really perfect! And I love how you made the word 'chasing'. x

  10. I just love Rainbows, what spectacular photographs!and how amazing your layout is,shows them off a treat. I feel the need to ignore the housework today and scrapbook instead. Have a great day, Julie.x

  11. Such gorgeous photographs - and gorgeous, little details in your layout to match. I especially love the little splotches of colour. Yum.


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