Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Layout: There's A Hat For That!

Hello, hello.

Today's my day to share a project over on the 3DJean shop Design Team blog ... and this is what I shared:
It's a page based entirely around a text message James sent me while he was on a wander with his camera. And here's how the conversation went ...
Not that I should have given him any encouragement to go and find a deerstalker hat just in case he might at soe point in the future stumble across more wild deer ...
... because it's something that he's entirely likely to go and do even without me planting the idea in his head ... 
He likes hats. Quite a lot. Although, fortunately for my sanity, he really only wears 'normal' hats and that's only when it's necessary to stay cool or keep warm.

Instead ... he just gets it all out of his system by trying on all the abnormal nd embarrassing ones when we're in shops, or at the big market stalls at the airshow we visit each year. During which I can be minding my own business and nonchalantly turn around to spot him admiring himself in the biggest and most ridiculous hats in the place [think big Russian furry ones, pompous military ones ... pilot's ones!] .

And all the while he keeps an entirely straight face ... until he catches my eye and I can't stay embarrassed for too long ... and we laugh.

Usually followed swiftly by my walking away from himpretending I've never met him before in my life ... ;-)
OK, not sure I meant to ramble on this much about James's hat-based foibles ... so I think I'll end it here for now!

All of the papers used for my page are from the Pion 'For Father' range currently in stock at 3DJean.

Thanks for reading me today.

Julie x

I've spent the last week working on another new range of creativity / crafty-materials packs for my shop.

This has involved:
  • covering my entire living room floor with paper, card and bits and pieces for 3 days!
  • designing, arranging and packaging around 35 new kits;
  • and taking hundreds of photos of them all.
I'm aiming to start adding them to the shop this week ... as soon as I get a good block of time free to tackle it.

If you're someone who's bought lots of spray inks, paints and other colour-wonderful stash recently ... you might just enjoy what's inside the packs ...

I can't wait to share!


  1. I can see another layout appearing featuring James and hats :) Lovely layout.

    Looking forward to seeing your new packs......

  2. I guess he has to keep himself amused whilst you are plundering all of the vintage shops!

  3. I was thinking exactly the same as Amanda :D Where are the pictures?

    This did make me chuckle!

  4. Oh, lovely! Kind of Spring -y and Easter-y as well as being just plain beautiful to look at!

  5. 'There's a hat for that' is a great saying to start off a creative process! I like how you have incorporated it into a scrapbook layout. I am looking forward to seeing your new packs in the shop!

  6. really lovely. making me pine for hill top walks around home in the UK....

  7. I;m looking forward to reading What Julie Did Next! :) This is a lovely page, with all those super textures. Beautifully displayed too, as usual.

  8. This page is fab Julie and...... I have to laugh at the 'Hat' thing going on. The number of times I have done this in shops etc. is really ridiculous.... my Dad did it too !! Maybe it's a man 'Thing'?

  9. Stunning page Julie, really gorgeous.
    C xx

  10. your posts never fail to make me smile....definitely a man thing. Gorgeous layout and I love how you've photographed it too x

  11. ^^^What Louise said!^^^

    I love your snippets of conversation - always so witty - and you know I love your layouts.


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