Saturday, 28 April 2012

Overheard: A most excellent overheard dude!

Hi, hi, hi.

Term is rapidly drawing to a close at University which is always bittersweet for me:
  • On the one hand it means I get to return to self-employment rules for a few months, which cuts down on travel time on a morning [my craft room is far nearer my bed than work's lecture theatres are!] yet ... on the other hand ...
  • it also means I don't get to listen in to conversations on campus! Which means no more gems like this one for quite a while ...

When: November 2011
Where: Outside a computer lab. Maths + Computing Dept.
Who: a group of male students were waiting to get into a lab and passing the time by discussing which Keanu Reeves films played around with time and space. [eg: The Lakehouse, The Matrix, the Bill & Ted series ...]

The highlight of the exchange [for me anyway!] went like this ....

Student 1: They should do a follow-up of the Bill and Ted film but like when they're older.

Student 2: Well ... they'd have to be!

part of my vintage-book collection

I love that response. So sarcastic ... yet so rational.

He was right of course, they would have to be older if they made a sequel now. But then again, the films are about time travel .. so who knows for sure ...?

OK my head's starting to hurt, attempting to understand time travel gets me everytime!


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See you on Monday with My Month in Numbers.

Julie :-)


  1. Ah! The things I hear on campus - only because I'm employed full-time all year round, in the summer I get to listen in on the conversations of colleagues. Maybe I'll e-mail a few of them to you? x

  2. Overheard in a coffee shop: "This woman was sobbing her heart out in Sainsburys so I asked her if there was anything I could do to help? Between heaving sobs she said no pointing at her designer handbag that an uncooked chicken had leaked all over".

  3. These always make me smile, Julie!


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