Monday, 20 August 2012

Art Journaling: Little is as little does


No small talk today ... I'm just going to come straight out and ask:

So how big are you then?
If you haven't yet shared your vital height statistics as part of this yet:
... fear not as there's plenty of time to join in before the month's out [click image for details].  And you'll be in illustrious company ...

At the time of writing there are:
  • 8 contributions, alongside my own, now pinned to the 'Height of Summer' Pinterest board - thanks ladies!
I've really enjoyed is seeing the comments left on these posts by regular readers of those bloggers who've joined in. Because there tha've been sharing their own heights and height-related tales completely outside of anything to do with me!

It makes me smile to know there's lots of people carrying on the conversation!

There's also:
  • 14 of us arranged on the height chart I'm making from all those who've shared theirs in a blog post or in my comments. For a sneak peek ... check out this image which I posted to my Facebook page today.
It's funny to see how all of our respective heights are measuring up [yes, I did go there. I did make that pun]! But I'm getting the feeling that this isn't going to be a scientific study!
  • Apart from a few outliers the majority of those who've responded to my call are of a similar height to me [5'2];
  • there's only one, so far, who fits into the 'average woman' slot [5'4];
  • I'm thinking the responses so far have been a bit self-selecting and that I've touched an all-be-it-petite nerve out there;
  • I'm wondering if I've started a movement in small folk ...
  • I'm hoping I haven't scared the tall ones off!
You're all welcome to join in ... I'm non-heightist ... I want to be able [with the aid of the occasional stool / step-ladder] to look you all in the eye!
But, if you're still coy about revealing all  ...

... in my original Height of Summer post I reckoned that there are all kinds of creative ways you can join in WITHOUT HAVING TO SHARE A PHOTO OF YOURSELF ... so I created an art journal page to prove it!
It was inspired by my childhood animosity towards anyone who called me small [which I shared in this post] plus ... that 'Oversized' label which came attached to a t-shirt I bought last week! [How could I not make use of that?!].

And I decided upon the idea that 'Little is, as little does':
Because even us below-averagers can do big things!


I've got a few more height-related journal pages and a scale-related scrapbook page to share before the series ends ... and I must dig out some more photos too.

And now it's your turn ...leave a comment, blog ... share ... whatever ...  and I'll add your avatar to the height chart and/or the Pinterest board.

Julie :-)


  1. "Because even us below-averagers can do big things! " Now THAT has to become one of those fancily designed
    quotes on Pinterest!!! I LOVE it! And maybe you are onto something with your unscientific survey, maybe there's correlation between paper crafting and being shorter than average ;)
    Yes, I am also 5"2 (and for the first time proud of it!) :P

  2. i had every intention of joining in....there's still time. I'll let you know if i manage it!

  3. Hi Julie I'm still planning some posts just been in the land of Sun for the last two weeks. I am 5' 4" but definitely not average lol!

  4. 5'5" and still working on a post about it.

  5. I never realised how near 'average' I I want to be average though??

  6. 5'10 (and a bit) here and almost as wide at the moment! LOL! (Not for much longer though!)

    Will have to think how to do a post about this :)

  7. Your post today made me smile I love the thought of us below averages doing big things.....oooops given the game away.

    My post is planned for later in the week :-)

  8. Your writing really makes me want to write about my height, but I'm just not going to stoop to your level.


    Something on its way soon x

  9. I do have a story tell, but it's a "tall tale" :)

    Hope to have it posted in the very near future!

  10. I'm 5' 8" and although when I took a growth spurt in primary school and HATED it, I quite like my height now :)

  11. I'm 168cm I think 5'6"?

    Slightly above average now but short until I was 16, I keep forgetting I'm not short as my mum and mum in law are both 5'10"!


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