Friday, 10 August 2012

Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt: the domesticated edition

Morning [unless it's not morning when you read this, in which case, insert your own time of day here].

As I type, I've got a load of washing going around the machine [that's what you can hear in the background] and I hope to get it pegged out on the line once it's done [despite those grubby looking grey clouds that are drifting in!].

And all this domestic goddess behaviour has reminded me to share a few more of my scavenger hunt photos [for more details on the hunt ... check out this post by its organiser Rinda] ... starting with this one ...

2. A clothesline:
My clothesline to be precise.

As the photo probably shows, our garden is pretty petite. And when the clothesline is full ... so is the garden.

But there was no way I was going to forgo one.

Ironing, cleaning, dusting, hoovering ... I can [and very often do] do without. But yet there's something about 'pegging out' clean laundry on a dry day that I find ridiculously satisfying and so we boughta retractable line which only gets strung across when it's needed.

This has meant that:
  • our washing gets that lovely line-dried smell ...
  • meanwhile when it's not in use, it's safely tucked away and we don't get garroted by a line stretched across the garden.
I think that's what you call a win win situation.

5. A train: 
Part of me wanted to find some romantic old train to photograph, but hey, instead I got a modern passenger train, a railway crossing barrier that wouldn't re-open and policeman in shorts and fluorescent vest re-directing traffic.

Overall I think that sums up British summer holidays quite well.

10. A horse:
Now, as we've talking 'domesticated' this morning ... it seemed appropriate to fit in these photos too. When I first saw several horses in a field, far off in the distance, I took out my camera and had to zoom in to get a nice shot.

But this chap - with his amazing platinum blonde mane with brunette fringe -  was clearly used to seeing people ... and he began to wander over to greet us:
Then James gave him an apple we had with us ... and when he'd finished, he wouldn't take our word for it that we didn't have more:
This is James, on a bike, speaking to someone who rang him for work-related advice on the phone wedged between his chin and shoulder ... while simultaneously trying to convince a horse that he has no more food in his hands.

Who said men can't multi-task? ;-)


So, there's 3 more to cross of the list ... only 6 to go ...

Right, I'm off to peg-out!

Julie :-)


  1. (just back from putting sheets in washing machine - thanks for the inadvertant reminder) I so agree about drying on the line and how good it feels. Love the photos of multi tasking

  2. Well done to James for such varied multi-tasking ... you forgot to include "posing for your photo"

    I'm doing so woefully with this hunt that I have had to give up searching for arty interpretations and start settling for domestic photos too - thank goodness the weather has brightened up enough for the clothes line and the hammock!

  3. That is a particularly good looking horse! And 'yay' to James for proving that men can multi task after all.
    Do you think it's our British preoccupation with the weather that means we get so excited when we can hang our washing out? Happens so rarely!

  4. Love that your man has multi tasked and in fine style I might add! Totally agree about the cleaning vs pegging out washing thing too :).

  5. Though he does look a bit worried by the multi-tasking....or maybe just by the horse???

  6. Super photos - I especially like your commentary on the last one!

  7. Love the idea of a platinum mane on a horse! And the pink and green of your clothes line shot is so pretty!


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