Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Art Journaling: A Short Guide to Avoid Errors in Scale

Hi, hi, hi.

Ahhh ... I must have been rather imperious and commanding in my previous post [or else I sounded desperate ... either/or] because several more of you have thrown your heights and height-related posts at me since.

There's even a few more 'perfectly in the middle' types [that's for those of you who took exception to the term 'average';-)] and tall ladies revealing themselves too. Meaning that that height chart I'm compiling is now filling out nicely with lots more of you sitting up there above me. [While you're there ... I should mention that yes, my hair needs dyeing. I hope my roots aren't too distracting for you ...].

Today's journal page begins with a combination of some rub-ons I've had for a million years and a phrase plundered from an old architectural book, all swiftly followed by a Shakespearean quotation [because there's very little in life which you find yourself wanting to say ... but which good old Will hasn't already said. Better. Much, much better.]
The quote's taken from A Midsummer Night's Dream and goes thusly:

Though she be but little ... she is fierce ...
The super-cute bunny - who I've customised here - is from this digi-printable from Kirsty Neale
 I can't imagine why that particular phrase appealed to me ...

And what page would be complete without some zebra-print washi tape?
And here's how it all hangs together on the full page:
I don't think Kirsty will mind me toughening up her bunny girl in the name of art-journaling and Shakespeare!

Thanks for swinging in today.

Julie :-)


Click to visit the initial Height of Summer post for more ideas on how to join in: 
But, if you just want to get yourself on the height chart ... you just need to leave me a comment with your height and then I'll go grab your blog avatar to use.


  1. This is spooky, my friend's daughter just had that quote tattooed around her wrist!

  2. Such an awesome page - I always awed by how well you balance your art journalling.

  3. Great page....and I love that quote!!

  4. Love, love, love this page! And I love the idea of being fierce.

  5. Love it......such gorgeous colours and texture and movement. My dream to see you create will be answered one day.....!
    If we lived in Pinterest Perfect Word, your need-to-be-dyed roots would, no doubt, be labelled 'Ombre' and hailed as perfectly on trend.......

  6. Bunny on the outside, fierce on the inside - brilliant! and i love the colours on here... This quote appeals to this height-challenged person too! Roar!

  7. I love this page - I didn't mind being called average (honest!) but I definitely prefer "perfectly on the middle" lol!

  8. Oh and I blogged this today :)


  9. That's one of my favourite quotes, as it sums up my tiny daughter perfectly. My MIL once said of her, "Well she may be small, but nobody will ever walk over her."

  10. good old Will was onto something there do you think?! I'm a perfectly in the middle type....

    I've just posted my August MIN's so hoping to put something together for your height of summer xx so so love your art journaling page...fabulous! x


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