Thursday 30 August 2012

The Height of Summer: How did we all measure up?

Hello, hello.

When I first pondered turning my little idea into a full-blown interactive silly summertime series about height ... I hoped you'd 'get' it. I guessed you'd 'get' it. I wanted you to 'get' it.

And boy, did you ever!

Let me tell you, if you think your email inbox is strange, you haven't seen anything until you wake up to 5 messages from people you've never met telling you how tall they are.

And I've loved it. Thanks so, so much!

I'll try not to ramble-on too much because, there's not a lot of need to. Judging by the comments I've received and which I know you all have [I've been reading them] I think we've all had a great time sharing or tales.

Let me try to summarise what we can take away from it:
  • I'm pretty certain we know more about each other than when we began;
  • we've discovered new connections between ourselves;
  • we've discovered new empathies; such as realising that the tallest and the smallest alike both struggle to find clothes to fit and have felt self-conscious about their size;
  • we learned that many of us hadn't been measured in a long, long time until this month when some of us discovered we'd grown ...
  • ... while others found just the opposite.
  • we've been privileged to glimpse into your family's lives with some wonderful group photos, wedding photos, photos of your children and your children's height charts being shared.
So thank you. Thank you!

But now for something I wasn't expecting:

I always knew it would be interesting for all of us who've never met but, something I didn't consider was the quality entertainment which bubbled up between those of you who actually already have met!
  • All those 'are you sure you're that tall?' and 'I'm pretty sure we're the same height and I'm not that tall' friendly accusations ...
  • Your vying for position, arranging yourselves in order ...
  • and the occasional calls for a re-match / re-measure .... where I feared I'd have to play referee ...
... they've all been fab to read through!

And finally, before the big reveal ....

Here's all the things I didn't take into account when creating the height-chart:

I didn't allow you to sneak into your measurements ...
  • any hats you were wearing ... 
  • the kind of flooring you were standing on ... or
  • the quality of your root-lifting shampoo ...
Neither did I accept:
  •  Any of the 'and three quarters'; 'and a half'  or 'and a bit' extras you added on.
For one; I could never have arranged you on the chart accurately ... plus ...
  • If I'd counted up all of those 'bits' you tried to offer, I could have made up an entirely new blogger who'd have been taller than us all!
So, with that in mind ... allow me to introduce the one ... the only Height of Summer Contributor Height Chart:

Here's who's who & where you can find them:


5’11 We had no takers for the 5'11 spot! Is there a shortage? [Pardon the pun].


5’ 9
Deanna ;

5’ 8

5’ 7
Mel ;

5’ 6
Melissa ;

5’ 5
Rinda ;

5’ 4
Mel ;

5’ 3
Helena ;
Denise ;
Alison ;

5’ 2
Sian ;
Lythan ;
Alexa ;
Nathalie ;

5’ 1
Abi ;
Debs14 ;

5’ 0 Sue ;

Kirsteen ;

So there you have it. Any surprises? Relief? Conclusions? Observations?

I'd love to hear them!

Personally I'm wondering about the most frequent height being 5'2: my height. Is that just a coincidence ... or did I somehow tempt out more people who thought 'Yeah? Me too?, 'I don't know.

But I do know it's been great fun and a true pleasure to have had your company.

Shoulder to shoulder. Shoulder to ear. Shoulder to elbow. Whichever it was ... it was fun!

Thanks again.



  1. It's bad enough that I've lost an inch with age, but now you've stripped me of another ½" *sob* I'm getting shorter by the day!

    Very well done for a creative chart though - I'm impressed with the range of heights!

  2. Yay! This was such fun, thank you :) (But I still hang onto my tiny-little-bit, thanks very much....)

  3. This was a fun project to take part in and I am reassured that I'm not so small after all!

  4. What always amazes me is the number of people who join in these wonderful blog adventures!
    Thank you for organizing this wonderful project.

  5. seems not only am I short....but invisible as've missed me out altogether!

  6. thank you for leading us on this quirky fun

  7. What a hoot :D I can't believe you stole my 'bit' as well! :D

  8. Thanks all!

    @Jacky - sorry about that. Don't know how it happened you were one of the first on my list! All sorted now- you're now in your rightful place! :-)

  9. A lot of fun to see who I'd be looking in the eye! maybe we'll do it for real some day

  10. I thought that more of us would be 5"4 as I always thought that was the average! I've enjoyed this random little series!

  11. Ooh so I'm not the tallest, off on a hop round the blogs now!

  12. Ooh so I'm not the tallest, off on a hop round the blogs now!

  13. Oh this made me smile so much! It has been so much fun Julie, finding out everyones heights! My preconceptions of some bloggers heights have been shattered! ha ha! Glad to see there are a lot of us shorty's!

  14. This series has been a little piece of genius and your final presentation is just the same! It has been really interesting and I'm glad it has been such a success. :)

  15. Hee hee, what fun! Now we just need to round everyone up for a group photo... ah, we can dream! x

  16. It HAS been fun...thanks for organising it!
    Alison xx

  17. It's made me smile so much this morning to see everyone collected together for your chart. It's been fun! Thank you

  18. yayyyyy two people shorter than me and i know one of them personally know who you are .....Karen :)
    Great fun x

  19. Love the observations and the final chart. Did Deb actually say "I'm not so small after all" ?! lol ummm yea Deb, you are, small and sweet ;) Thanks for all the links, I have new people to meet next week in blogland. Looking forward to your next fun idea!

  20. Ooh it's exciting to see my face up there with all the other gorgeous ladies :)

    If you are looking for my blog though it's actually http://blog.

  21. For I while I was very concerned that no one would be taller than me - which I thought must be quite impossible and yes, thank goodness, there are those lovely ladies right up there giving 6' a nudge - wooohooo!
    Thanks Julie, this has been some of the most enjoyable blog reading I have ever had!

  22. This is a fab chart!! I have still got one more height of summer blog post to write but time has been against me. Hope to do that soon :) In the meantime thanks for inspiring us!!

  23. Hi Julie! Just catching up on your blog :) I have to say, this was quite an interesting poke into what we wouldn't have known about our fellow bloggers had you not ran the series, or asked the question :)


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