Wednesday 11 February 2009

All you need is ....

... love? Definitely.

But how about ... all you need is love plus two free packs of Banana Frog stamps?? Even better!

Each month the Frog blog sets a challenge for you to use Banana Frog stamps on a project and all you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is link to where you're showing off your project online. And you can do that can't you? There's a new Banana Frog Flickr group you can drop it straight into, leave a comment on the original Challenge post or even Facebook it. Basically Bev has done everything possible to make it easy for one of you to win some of her stamps [short of coming round to your house and assessing your work in person!].

So get out thy BF stamps and get started, there's no excuse not to.

The theme of This month's challenge is 'Love'. So, just show us something you've made with any of your Banana Frog stamps - and interpret the theme any way you like - on any form of project. It can be card making, scrapping, altered art, mini-books, paper crafts, fabric crafts, hovercrafts... in short, if it's neither illegal, immoral nor will it pose a threat to international security and it somehow involves Banana Frog stamps and 'love' on it ... then we want to see it!!!!.

The above photo is not my entry to the challenge it's really a sneaky peak of my next Project of the Day for the Frog blog which, as I contribute on the 14th of each month, appears in full on Saturday and as it's St.Valentines Day I've gone a bit romantic on you.

Pop over to the blog on Saturday (a) to show me you care/ tell me you love me / leave me a comment and (b) to see further pics of the card above and 2 other cards I've created on the theme.

See you there Saturday and in the meantime - show us some love!!


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