Sunday 30 September 2012

My Month in Numbers 2012: September

Hi, hi.

I can't hold up the pretence much longer that it's not really Autumn ... mainly because it is. So here's the first officially Autumnal Month in Numbers of 2012.

Be warned: I usually aim to be upbeat here, entirely bright and chipper and willing to find the bright side but this month got it into its head to try me ... so let's start with the numbers which have tested my patience this month ...

2 = the number of leakages discovered.

One involving a blue ProMarker and a once-cream bag:
And another involving a bottle of shower gel and some [absorbent!] toilet paper: 
Now, if you've been reading my numbers for a while you might remember a statistic involving the aforementioned loo roll back in January this year when James randomly came home with, what I predicted would be, a year's supply of the stuff. 

Well, you'll be delighted [I'm sure] to learn that we were indeed on track to achieve this feat ... until the shower-gel scenario seriously threatened it.

But ... when I thought about it ... there was no real need to throw them away, after all shower gel has certain properties which well ... could come in useful. I'll spare you the details but I'll just say ... after a flush ... there are lots of soapy bubbles left behind ...

11 = the number of dresses which came crashing down with a heart-stopping clatter when the hook they were on fell out of the wall! If you remember last month's post you'll remember my lovely new bedroom wall hook from which I could finally, safely, hang up my dresses. Or so I thought ....

05:30am = the time of day 11 dresses came crashing down with a heart-stopping clatter when the hook they were on fell out of the wall!

2 = the number of much longer screws James used to fix the hook into the wall the second time around!

2 = the number of times James's van broke down on our drive.
1 = the number of manhole covers - on our neighbour's side of the drive -  broken by the recovery truck which came to cart the van away.

And in amongst all this ... as proof of my state of mind:

6 = the number of chocolate biscuits I distractedly crammed into the recycling bag:
[That's them cosying up to another number from this month '415 = the hair dye I used which also goes by the appropriate name of Delicate Iced Chocolate'].

It wasn't until I wondered why I was carrying an empty plastic wrapper around the kitchen that it dawned on me ... that I'd held on to the packet ... and thrown the contents away.

And, as we know, throwing chocolate away is one of the first signs of madness ... and here are a few more ...

... this is also the same month in which I:
  • found a tea loaf crumb on my face when I was half-way round Tesco [half way people!! I'd been walking round with evidence of my breakfast on my face for half my entire shopping trip!!] and ...
  • realised that for another shopping trip I'd been walking around with just the one earring in. Not because I'd lost the other. No. I found it when I got home ... still in the jewellery box where it had been all day since I put the other one in and must have got distra....
17 = the number of new/old books bought in a single trip. Note to self: next time, take a trolley!

8 = the number of old books a friend rescued from impending doom at work and brought to my welcoming arms/scissors:
Thanks again Jo!  They've already been put to good use in my Learn Something New Everyday journal. And that costume book has almost been pawed to death. I love it!!

30 = the number of collagey, messy, cards created to play along with Learn Something New Everyday. [Well at the time of writing I've only made 29 ... but by tonight I'll have all 30 completed.]

20 = the number of envelopes I filled with a tag plus vintage paper, punched patterned paper, gems, words and feathers and delivered to a local gallery owner as an exhibition-opening gift:
The idea was that he could give the packs away to visitors to promote his arty workshops and then the visitors could make a tag similar to the examples I left there. On the back people could declare what their 'art' was as he's hoping to show people that it isn't one fixed thing. I hope he managed to convince people to take a pack home with them and that there's 20 people out there having a go at some messy tag making this weekend.

And finally ...

8 out of 10 = the number of Afternoon Tea treats I managed to eat during a fabulously genteel feast with friends yesterday:
And the 2 I couldn't manage at the time came home with me - boxed up - where James ate one and a half and the other half is saved for me later today!

OK .... enough about me ... as always you're all welcome to join in with your own September stats at any point during the next month.

Here's the usual blurb again:
  • If you write a post and want to leave a link for myself and others to visit and/or pin to the Month in Numbers Pinterest board please bear in mind it has a shared experience aspect to it.
  • When you swing by my blog to drop off a link to your Month in Numbers post - please leave a comment for me while you're there. Not because I'm needy ... but because it feels fair. Reciprocal.
  • Please link to my blog in your post. As much as I'd like to think that everyone who reads your blog already knows what 'My Month in Numbers' means... the truth is, they don't. So unless you explain where the idea comes from and how your readers can join you in doing the same next month, they are none the wiser.
  • Please take time at some point in the month to visit and comment on a few of the other posts too.
And if this is all new to you check out the full Month in Numbers details here, which includes a tutorial to get you started.

Thanks for swinging in today, here's to a happy 10th month for us all.

Julie :-)

Saturday 29 September 2012

Art Journaling: recipe card journal. Week 3 of LSNED

Hello, hello.

Thank you for your kind words on my Learn Something New Everyday recipe card journal so far. And to those who've said it's inspiring them to do something similar ... that's so good to hear! Do let me know if/when you do!

Right, as we're fast running out of September ... I'll better share the latest batch of finished cards + lessons ...

Week 3

September 15th:
Do you watch BBC4's Inspector Montalbano? Absolutely one of my highlights of the week.

September 16th:
One of the biggest, most rewarding benefits of working from home on Mondays. And one which I am constantly grateful for.

September 17th:
I'm a little addicted to my Hanjie puzzle book right now and also the Radio Times puzzle page ... and repeats of The Crystal Maze .. and Only Connect ... and I could go on ...

September 18th:

September 19th:

September 20th:

September 21st:

I'm happy about this last lesson as I do worry about the warnings people give about when your hobby becomes your job ... and how you lose the passion for the hobby. And I'd hate that to happen.

Granted there are some days where, after a day of magazine work I just can't face any more papercrafting [hence the role of puzzles in my relaxation activities!]. But, fortunately, there are other days where, as soon as I package up a parcel to post out to a magazine ... I gladly pick up where I left off in my own crafting. So it's good to have documented that in this project.


To catch up with my card-a-day LSNED journal in full visit:
And there's 3 kits available here - which containing many of the supplies I used in this project [recipe cards, washi tape, vintage images and more].


See you tomorrow with my Month in Numbers ... maybe I should begin with ... 21 = the number of LSNED recipe cards I've blogged so far ...

Julie :-)

Friday 28 September 2012

Art Journaling: Summer's Lease


Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate;
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer's lease hath all too short a date ...

Good old Will. He knew what he was talking about didn't he?

I don't mean about love and beauty ... I mean about British summer. Summer 2012 in particular.

This year summer's lease well and truly had all too short a date. What do you reckon we squeezed out of it? 6 weeks? ish. Maybe. And after the terrible rain of the last week we've certainly been plunged rudely into Autumn.

But I'm old enough to expect nothing different ... and so pages like this get made, in the garden, in the sunshine, on an August afternoon. Pages to document the season. To prove that there were at least few noteworthy, sunshiny, happy-making days:
Obviously, when I made the page I wasn't aware that 'Summer 2012' would end as it began. Damply. Bookended by incessant rainfall, yet ...

...experience told me that something like it might happen .. so after making a grand, celebratory, declaration in the titling:
... I included some small print which, as it turned out, was more realistic and, alas, accurate!
Hopefully it wasn't a self-fulfilling prophecy and the weather was all my fault!

Thanks for poking your head round my door today. May all your wellies be watertight.

Julie :-)


If the change in seasons has sent you scurrying to your craft supplies for cosy nights spent crafting, there are 2 weather themed Plundered Pages packs - A Turn in the Weather 1 & 2, to help you scrap your seasonal photos:
There's lots more to come too including ... foreign language mini packs, number + diagram minis, several Anatomy + Medicine packs and Birds and Horses thrown in for good measure!

Tuesday 25 September 2012

Art Journaling: storing my recipe-card journal

Hi again.

In yesterday's post I shared another week's worth of my Learn Something New Everyday pages and, as they're simply a pile of 4x6 recipe cards on to which I've journaled and collaged ... I was always going to need some way of keeping them all together.

If you're working on anything similar - or you're considering one of the recipe card journal kits I've put together - then the possible options for keeping the cards together include:
  • punching 1/2 holes through the stack and storing them on bookring/s;
  • using a Bind-it-All;
  • dropping them into a decorated box;
  • slotting them into a regular photo album;
  • using divided scrapbook page-protectors [there are lots of those available at the moment due to the popularity of daily/weekly life-documenting projects] ... or ... as I finally decided upon ...
... nestling them down inside a kraft 'Creative Folder' folder by Collections Elements:
The folder began life like this:
 ... and they're available here from 3DJean.

If you'd like to see some 'in progress' photos and details on how I built up the decoration on the folder then all that can be found in my 3DJean Design Team blog post today - which is here.

Here's the finished folder:

BTW: the cardboard ring-bound stencil book [above], which I've used throughout my recipe card album, comes from the children's art supply department of my local Wilkinson shop and cost me the princely sum of ... 90p!!

I used the number sheet and the text sheet right across this project and, as yet, despite all the spray ink and paint it's seen, it's holding up really well. No buckling or sogginess yet ... so well worth that 90p!! It was only a fortnight ago so chances are they're still in stock ... so if you're passing by... go find one!

Anyway ... here's a closer look at the pockets holding the finished cards:
I used a contents page from a fashion catalogue, some Carta Bella stickers and a found phrase from a children's dictionary. And the hole-punched paper is the same as that in the kits.

And here's a closer look at the cover where I've layered more Plundered Pages with Collections Elements tickets:
The 'Learn Something New' is spelled out in Kaisercraft 'Tiny Alpha Stickers'. And when they say 'tiny' ... they're not kidding!

That said, they've been really useful, especially on cards where I've been able to write out full sentiments rather than just squeezing on a 'Hi' or a 'Yay' when using larger letters!

And speaking of small lettering ... I really wanted the finished folder to have a bookish feel so I strengthened the 'spine' of the folder with strips of washi tape then ran the whole thing through the sewing machine ... and finally came across a perfect found phrase from a Plundered Page:
And here's a final look at the finished folder showing the book-like structure: 
 With the ribbons fastened tightly, the cards don't move and are held completely safely inside.

It wasn't until I had the idea to use a 'Creative Folder' that the whole 'recipe-card journal' idea began to make sense ... and then I could just get on with the actual focus of Shimelle's class ... recording a lesson-a-day for a month. Speaking of which ...

... I haven't collaged a card since Thursday ... so I'd best go catch up! If you have any questions about the project, the folder, or the recipe-card kits ... then just yell. 

Thanks for stopping by.

Julie :-)

Monday 24 September 2012

Art Journaling: recipe card journal. Week 2 of LSNED

Me again.

I'm not quite sure how we're into the final week of September already, but we are, and that means that:
  • next Sunday I'll be blogging My Month in Numbers so, if you're planning to join in, you've still got time to draft a post and list some September statistics;
  • I'm about to begin working on Easter projects for a craft magazine. Easter. There are people out there worrying that it's too early to start mentioning Christmas cards ... and I've gone through the frosty festivities and am now out the other side... where it should be getting warmer and sunnier soon... in fact, it'll be September again any minute now ...;
  • so I'd better be quick and make sure I blog all of my Learn Something New Everyday pages [a class hosted each September by Shimelle Laine] ...
... so here are the lessons I learned in Week Two journaled on to my recipe card journal. [For Week One's pages, just hop back to this post]

September 8th:
I loved Parade's End. It was like a fine meal with every bite a complete treat. Such a shame it was only five episodes long as I could have devoured so much more!

September 9th:

September 10th:
This page was in reaction to Shimelle's prompt for the day to create a list by completing the sentence: '10 Things I've Learned From ...'.

On the back of the card I wrote down 10 things I've learned from my University job - which should have been easy. During the last 6 years there I've learned countless facts while attending hundreds of lectures on everything from animated walk-cycles to the law of tort ... so you think I'd be able to bring to mind at least 10 actual lessons ... but it was actually the moments I've had with students which leapt to mind first.

This is not necessarily because I'm a sentimental old fool ... but possibly related the fact that
, as long as I make accurate notes at the time ... I don't actually need to remember anything at all! That's not my job ... it's the student's!

September 11th:

September 12th:
 I loved the prompt for the 12th! To record something which might not make sense to others, like a sort of in-joke. It gave me the perfect excuse to jot down a few of the things I experienced that day on a walk with my Mam.

September 13th:
And finally for today ...

September 14th:
 Now, we all know I'm no stranger to the joys of overheard conversations ... but it never hurts to be reminded. This particular quality material came from listening into some old, rather posh, gents at a nearby table in a restaurant ... and it made me wish that [a] I had included a notebook in my clutch bag along with my lipstick ... and [b] that etiquette would have allowed me to write in it!

OK, so I've now blogged days 1-14 ... I'll best go and take more photos so I can share 15 ... and onwards.

I'll be back tomorrow to share how I'm actually storing my 30 recipe cards, so I'll see you then.

Julie :-)

There are 3 kits in the shop based around the supplies I've used in my LSNED journal. You can click the photo to visit the shop for more information:

Sunday 23 September 2012

Art Journaling: my 'recipe-card' art journal for LSNED

Hello, hello.

I first joined in with Shimelle Laine's Learn Something New Everyday project last September and, as it was such a positive experience, I felt like I really should make the effort to join in once again this year.

Last time round:
  • I ended the month with  notebook filled with scrappy, art journally pages which I was really happy with. Plus I felt that by creating 30 of them in the month really helped me find my art journaling style. Not only that but ...
  •  it was during LSNED that I created my 'Art Journal page from Start to Finish' tutorial which remains the most viewed post on my blog and furthermore ...
  • it was my LSNED pages which led the editor of Stampington's Art Journaling magazine to ask me to contribute to their Spring issue this year ...
... so you can probably see why I wanted to give it another whirl this year.

This time round:
  • I wanted to try a different format - something other than a notebook which my regular art journaling tends to happen in;
  • I also wanted it to be in 'landscape' format rather than 'portrait' ... just because;
But by day 6 I still hadn't done anything useful at all on it and was beginning to think I might just quietly drop the idea of joining in altogether ... and then I spotted a pile of folded recipe cards I bought months ago,for purposes as then unknown. But it certainly wasn't for writing recipes on. I don't do recipes. I prefer art journaling ...

... and so my LSNED 2012 project was born ...

My LSNED album consists of:
  • 15 folded recipe cards cut in half to make 30 - one for each day of the month;
  • a base layer of gesso and acrylic paint either slapped on [very technical process] or sponged through a stencil plus various shades of ink sprayed and flicked around the place;
  • a limited colour palette of mainly white, pink, cream and red- just to set myself a challenge;
  • a traditional library date stamp;
  • an image for each day - cut from my vintage book collection / 'Plundered Pages';
  • appropriate wording cut from vintage books;
  • half handwritten / half stamped journaling;
  • a date at the bottom - cut from the Radio Times;
  • plus various paper scraps, stickers and washi tape;
  • and they're all stored inside a decorated Collections Elements Creative Folder which I'll share with you on Tuesday in a 'How To' [my 3DJean Design Team project this month].
[If you like the style of my pages I've put together 3 kits containing some of the same elements I've used - so you might like to look at the full kit details here.]

But for now ... here's how Week One looks:

September 1st:
I've only worked on one side of the recipe cards, leaving the back as a more private spot for extra journaling either inspired by Shimelle's prompt for that day ... or where I've wandered off with my own thoughts for the day.

September 2nd:

September 3rd:

September 4th:

September 5th:
For the record: While I'm not going to get into explaining what each page means ... rest assured that this one is not about James! I was thinking more of metaphorical hand-holding. Not the literal kind. I still like that!

September 6th:
For the record: it was a cheese + onion pasty ... ;-)

September 7th:

Right then .. that's the first 7 ... I'll be back tomorrow with my the next 7 cards which go to make up Learn Something New Everyday Week 2 ...

... and in the meantime you can drop by to have a quick look at the recipe card kits I've put together here.

See you soon.

Julie :-)


You can view my pages from Week 2 in a separate blog post here.

Tuesday 18 September 2012

Giveaway winner + shop update

Hello hello.

So ... lots of you like scarves too then? But alas I only  have one to give away and it goes to ....
Congratulations Karen! Can you email me the postal address you'd like me to send your prize to please [there's a link to my email in my righthand sidebar] ... then I'll get this to you ASAP:

[For the record: there were 48 comments on the giveaway post, the online random number selector I used chose '29' and while counting I skipped over one of the comments as it wasn't a competition entry.]

If you want another chance to win something ... there's still time to enter my giveaway being hosted over at where you can win a customised pack of Plundered Pages! [Competition closes midnight UK time Thursday 20th Sept].

And, speaking of Plundered Pages ...

... as of today, there are 8 new packs in the shop with mainly outdoors, fresh air, in nature, muddy feet type themes. Here's a peek:

To be more precise the themes are:
  • Out + About. Adventures;
  • In the Garden;
  • On the Farm;
  • Wonderful Woodland [1 + 2]
  • A Turn in the Weather. The Seasons [1 + 2] and ...
  • entirely unrelated ... Egypt!
For more details and images just swing by the Plundered Pages section of the shop.

OK, that's all from me for tonight. Karen - don't forget to send me your address and we'll have you wearing that scarf by the weekend!

Julie :-)

Friday 14 September 2012

Gudrun Sjoden Giveaway!

Hi, hi, hi.

You know how I love serendipity and believe you get what you give? Well, earlier in the week - as I was absorbed with the Fabricky Bits kits I was launching in my shop - I was a little bit taken aback with a particularly exciting example of it. And I get to share it with one of you too!

After [somehow] discovering an art journaling post of mine, where I happened to mention which catalogue I'd cut up for my page, the UK PR firm for the Gudrun Sjoden clothing brand [whose catalogue I'd abused] approached me to ask if I'd like one of their scarves.

Well ... errrmmm ... of course I would!

I've been a fan of the brand for many years, I've been pinning their dresses to Pinterest since I started there, I blogged about the brand - of my own accord - for The Copy & Paste Project 2 years ago, and I've been wearing my only Gudrun Sjoden pieces - a Christmas gift of hat + fingerless gloves - every Winter for around the last decade!

But, I pondered for a while before screaming 'YES!' as ... well ... you rarely get nothing for nothing do you? So I double-checked for strings-attached ...found none ... and once I was convinced it was a genuine offer ... I accepted**. 

And here I am wearing it:
But... here's what really clinched the deal ... they sent me a scarf to pass on to one of you too meaning I get to share the good fortune. One of my favourite things to do!

Here's the one I'll be sending to a randomly selected winner next week:
Look! It even comes in its own lovely fabric bag ...
So, would you like this colourful addition to your winter wardrobe? To brighten up the dark wintry days ahead?  Or those in the Southern hemisphere ... would you like it to wrap it around yourself on the beach? [It's definitely large enough].

Or maybe you'd like it to give away as a gift yourself?

Whatever  ... here's what you need to know ...

  • Simply comment on this post making it clear you'd like me to package this up and mail it your way.
  • Make sure you are logged into an account which links me back to a way to contact you if you win;
  • If you must post as 'Anonymous' you'll need to leave an email address or external link where I can contact you;
  • I will use an online random number generator to select a winner form the comments.
  • I will announce the winner ASAP here on my blog, via Twitter and my Facebook page.
  • If I can't get in touch, or don't hear back from the winner, within 3 days, I'll select another.
  • I will be paying all postage costs personally + will post it out within the week ending 21st Sept.
DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES:  9pm [UK time] Monday 17th September 2012.

If you'd like to spread the word to any friends you think would like the scarf, you're welcome to share the giveaway via social media.

Best of luck to you ... now go leave a comment!

Julie :-)


I was sent one Gudrun Sjoden scarf for myself and another to give away here. There were no conditions set by the PR company and they requested no review of the products nor links to their site etc whatsoever.

Any opinions, excitement, gushiness and excessive adjectives expressed in this post are entirely my own and come from a genuine delight at having [a] a new scarf from a brand I've coveted for years and [b] the chance to share the treat with someone else.

Thursday 13 September 2012

Introducing: Fabricky Bits


I've got something I'd like you to meet ...
It's my new range of creativity kits which I've called ... Fabricky Bits.

Because they are!

Here's how I describe them in my Etsy shop:

*FABRICKY BITS* are ... well ... they're exactly what it sounds like! Bits. Of the fabricky sort.

These happy, jumbled, bundles of inspiration contain:

** a mix of colour co-ordinated fabrics, ribbons & trimmings.

The contents are a mix of new, vintage + reclaimed, & others somewhere-in-between.

They're also:
*** a delicious boost of inspiration for your sewing projects, cardmaking, scrapbooking, mixed-media work & so much more;
*** ideal to take along to a coffee shop / crafty morning / workshop / holiday as the contents co-ordinate;
*** perfect 'starter kits' for anyone who wants to build up a supply of unique fabrics + trimmings;
*** ideal self-contained packs for art and textile students and also school children.

Plus ... they're priced to sell at just £5.00. [They're better off out of my work room and into your crafty hands I reckon!]

I loved putting these together - compiling these mini colour stories and naming each one appropriately was a lot of fun. For example .... below we have, amongst others, 'Kingfisher Coloured', 'Mint Choc Chip', 'Night Sky' and 'A Misty Morning':
 Hopefully these will appeal to all kinds of crafters [happily 3 have already been sent on their way since their debut on Tuesday ... so it's a good start!] ... however ...

... I think they might just be the perfect fit for papercrafters who dabble in adding fabric to projects, but who don't want to have to buy full pieces of fabric just to make some bunting on a scrapbook page for example.

Also, as I mentioned above, they'd be great for art students too - again, because there's just enough of everything in the packs to make an interesting project, yet without there being any waste or overwhelming mounds of supplies left over! [This angle, which I didn't even think of, was pointed out to me by three separate people, independent of one another ... which makes me believe they must have a point!]

Half of the stock I've put together so far is now on sale at the SkyBlueRed Studio shop in Guisborough N.Yorks and now, after much photo taking, editing and description writing ... the other half are available here in the shop:

Click image to visit the Fabricky Bits section of the shop
If you do swing by the shop you'll also see the latest themed Plundered Pages packs which include:
  • Dogs; [Yes dogs. Particularly golden labs. And me a phobic! The only dogs I can work with are illustrated ones!]
  • At One with Nature [perfect for anyone with a strong connection and affinity to nature, trees, the seasons]
  • Gorgeous Graphics, Geometrics + Colour; [A fab pack for art journalers / smashbookers, filled with colour + form. Eminently cut-up-able.]
And you'll also see the Halloween pack, Disney packs and yet another Harry Potter pack I've added over recent weeks.

And if that's not enough to be getting on with ... in the coming weeks I'll be adding some new Interesting Bits kits with themes including: Rustic Halloween; Gothic Romance; Parisian Love Notes and Christmas ...  so watch this space.

Don't forget - if you've ever made anything with any of my kits, I really would love to see. Just get in touch.

Phew, now you've made it to the end of this post I think you deserve to go put your feet up, drink something nice .... and have a browse around the shop.


Julie :-)

Wednesday 12 September 2012

Scrapbooking: A Justified Excuse

Hi, hi.

Round these parts Wednesdays are Justified days.

In fact, it's just as accurate to say that my life has become a Justified life ... because ...

Ever since I first clapped eyes on it - when we watched the entire first season over Easter weekend - I don't think I've gone a week without watching at least one episode.
After watching Season 1 ... twice ... on demand, we bought the Season 2 box set ... and watched that ... twice ... then Season 3 began on TV ... so we watched that too. Then I had to introduce my Mam and sister to it as we meet up each Wednesday night ...which is when Season 3 was airing ... and I couldn't possibly have missed it!!

Then they caught the bug.

So, when Season 3 finished ... they wanted to know what had happened in the previous 2 series ... so now, every Wednesday night we watch between 1 and 3 episodes of Seasons 1 & 2 ... and I'm keeping a close eye on the release date for the Season 3 box set.

Basically, to cut a long story short ... for the last 5 months I've been living part time in Kentucky!
This is not normal behaviour. Not for me. I really don't have an obsessive or addictive nature.

Not since I was a teenager, when I was slightly addicted to Bros ... Bill + Ted and then Little Angels and Guns N Roses ... have I ever followed anything this avidly.

So either there's something special about the show ... or I'm having an early midlife crisis. I'm open to either explanation.

I think part the frequent watching and re-watching is definitely down to the communal element though. It's something James and I both enjoy equally and now so does the rest of my family. And it gives us a talking point ... and leads to some fun times ...

I blogged some photos from the Justified end of season 3 party we had here  ... and I thought you might like to see the scrapbook page which followed:
Note: I blurred out the other faces because ... it's one thing to blog photos of yourself ...
wearing a felt 'tache while pretending to be Dickie Bennet ...
... but it's quite another thing to blog photos of innocent non-blogging [yet basically just as weird] family members.

Even the family member who brought her own plastic gun and Sheriff badge:

Right ... I'd best be off ... it's Wednesday after all and you know what that means ...
I'll see you on the other side of another episode or two of Justified ...

Julie :-{D
Supplies used:
Paper [background] + journaling card: Cosmo Cricket '23'
Other papers: Kaisercraft
Moustache papers: Kaisercraft 'Sears & Sons' 'Moustache' and also Echo Park 'Times & Seasones' 'Spiffy Moustache'
Alphas: Kaisercraft 'Tiny Alpha Stickers' [and they really are tiny!]; Echo Park 'Everyday Eclectic'
Washi tape: Hobbycraft's own brand
Border punch: EK Success 'Slim edger Punch 'Round Binding Edge' [edited to add after question in comments]