Sunday 23 September 2012

Art Journaling: my 'recipe-card' art journal for LSNED

Hello, hello.

I first joined in with Shimelle Laine's Learn Something New Everyday project last September and, as it was such a positive experience, I felt like I really should make the effort to join in once again this year.

Last time round:
  • I ended the month with  notebook filled with scrappy, art journally pages which I was really happy with. Plus I felt that by creating 30 of them in the month really helped me find my art journaling style. Not only that but ...
  •  it was during LSNED that I created my 'Art Journal page from Start to Finish' tutorial which remains the most viewed post on my blog and furthermore ...
  • it was my LSNED pages which led the editor of Stampington's Art Journaling magazine to ask me to contribute to their Spring issue this year ...
... so you can probably see why I wanted to give it another whirl this year.

This time round:
  • I wanted to try a different format - something other than a notebook which my regular art journaling tends to happen in;
  • I also wanted it to be in 'landscape' format rather than 'portrait' ... just because;
But by day 6 I still hadn't done anything useful at all on it and was beginning to think I might just quietly drop the idea of joining in altogether ... and then I spotted a pile of folded recipe cards I bought months ago,for purposes as then unknown. But it certainly wasn't for writing recipes on. I don't do recipes. I prefer art journaling ...

... and so my LSNED 2012 project was born ...

My LSNED album consists of:
  • 15 folded recipe cards cut in half to make 30 - one for each day of the month;
  • a base layer of gesso and acrylic paint either slapped on [very technical process] or sponged through a stencil plus various shades of ink sprayed and flicked around the place;
  • a limited colour palette of mainly white, pink, cream and red- just to set myself a challenge;
  • a traditional library date stamp;
  • an image for each day - cut from my vintage book collection / 'Plundered Pages';
  • appropriate wording cut from vintage books;
  • half handwritten / half stamped journaling;
  • a date at the bottom - cut from the Radio Times;
  • plus various paper scraps, stickers and washi tape;
  • and they're all stored inside a decorated Collections Elements Creative Folder which I'll share with you on Tuesday in a 'How To' [my 3DJean Design Team project this month].
[If you like the style of my pages I've put together 3 kits containing some of the same elements I've used - so you might like to look at the full kit details here.]

But for now ... here's how Week One looks:

September 1st:
I've only worked on one side of the recipe cards, leaving the back as a more private spot for extra journaling either inspired by Shimelle's prompt for that day ... or where I've wandered off with my own thoughts for the day.

September 2nd:

September 3rd:

September 4th:

September 5th:
For the record: While I'm not going to get into explaining what each page means ... rest assured that this one is not about James! I was thinking more of metaphorical hand-holding. Not the literal kind. I still like that!

September 6th:
For the record: it was a cheese + onion pasty ... ;-)

September 7th:

Right then .. that's the first 7 ... I'll be back tomorrow with my the next 7 cards which go to make up Learn Something New Everyday Week 2 ...

... and in the meantime you can drop by to have a quick look at the recipe card kits I've put together here.

See you soon.

Julie :-)


You can view my pages from Week 2 in a separate blog post here.


  1. These are fantastic! I'm going to post a bunch of my pages this week.

  2. Yay, these look fabulous :) I very much like your style! I did have a little go at emulating it on one of my own pages for this project (along with trying out about 50 million other ideas all at once) but it looked nothing like yours at all really.... Though hey, I was still inspired by your work, which I hope makes you feel flattered and admired? x

  3. A yum yum can make up for all sorts of disappointing shopping trips surely?! Liking the format...mine is more mini layouts and its using up all my thickers! :(

  4. Brilliant idea, and I really like the idea of starting with a base with common elements to which you add different things. And you have a place for secret journalling which is a bonus! I love what you've done so far: you have such a way of combining pictures and words ...

  5. They're lovely! And so good to hear about the (no) hand holding.....!

  6. It's looking great so far. I love the journaling and how you express your feelings and then find some plunderings (not sure that is an adjective but it should be) to go with happily.


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