Friday 28 September 2012

Art Journaling: Summer's Lease


Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate;
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer's lease hath all too short a date ...

Good old Will. He knew what he was talking about didn't he?

I don't mean about love and beauty ... I mean about British summer. Summer 2012 in particular.

This year summer's lease well and truly had all too short a date. What do you reckon we squeezed out of it? 6 weeks? ish. Maybe. And after the terrible rain of the last week we've certainly been plunged rudely into Autumn.

But I'm old enough to expect nothing different ... and so pages like this get made, in the garden, in the sunshine, on an August afternoon. Pages to document the season. To prove that there were at least few noteworthy, sunshiny, happy-making days:
Obviously, when I made the page I wasn't aware that 'Summer 2012' would end as it began. Damply. Bookended by incessant rainfall, yet ...

...experience told me that something like it might happen .. so after making a grand, celebratory, declaration in the titling:
... I included some small print which, as it turned out, was more realistic and, alas, accurate!
Hopefully it wasn't a self-fulfilling prophecy and the weather was all my fault!

Thanks for poking your head round my door today. May all your wellies be watertight.

Julie :-)


If the change in seasons has sent you scurrying to your craft supplies for cosy nights spent crafting, there are 2 weather themed Plundered Pages packs - A Turn in the Weather 1 & 2, to help you scrap your seasonal photos:
There's lots more to come too including ... foreign language mini packs, number + diagram minis, several Anatomy + Medicine packs and Birds and Horses thrown in for good measure!


  1. Don't worry, Julie, we won't ascribe the terrible summer to your prescient page! But it's full of optimism and so wonderfully put together. I do so love looking at your work... I really, really must start to keep a more regular journal.

  2. I was really surprised by how consistently rotten the weather was when we were in Ireland this summer (compared to our previous visits). The weather in Spain, on the other hand, was fantastic.

  3. A great play on words - I was hoping for an Indian summer but that clearly isn't on the cards!

  4. Well, at least you have some idea of what you are in for. This year summer has been nice but dragging on. Last summer was record heat for weeks and the one before that was endless rain. There is just no predicting it.

  5. It was a very odd one! I love the book, it is brilliant.

  6. Hey Julie! What a great page! Love your doodles and cute scraps!

    Isn't weather/climate freakish? You guys had tons of rain this summer, while we here in the midwestern U.S. had only trace amounts, leading to a pretty major drought. This summer I witnessed my first-ever dust storm and a July/August with no corn-on-the-cob!:-( Let's hope our respective patterns swap places--and really soon!

  7. Love the page, hate that ya'll had such a short and wet summer. We hit 90 again this week, a few more weeks of summer weather left in North Carolina (USA)


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