Thursday 13 September 2012

Introducing: Fabricky Bits


I've got something I'd like you to meet ...
It's my new range of creativity kits which I've called ... Fabricky Bits.

Because they are!

Here's how I describe them in my Etsy shop:

*FABRICKY BITS* are ... well ... they're exactly what it sounds like! Bits. Of the fabricky sort.

These happy, jumbled, bundles of inspiration contain:

** a mix of colour co-ordinated fabrics, ribbons & trimmings.

The contents are a mix of new, vintage + reclaimed, & others somewhere-in-between.

They're also:
*** a delicious boost of inspiration for your sewing projects, cardmaking, scrapbooking, mixed-media work & so much more;
*** ideal to take along to a coffee shop / crafty morning / workshop / holiday as the contents co-ordinate;
*** perfect 'starter kits' for anyone who wants to build up a supply of unique fabrics + trimmings;
*** ideal self-contained packs for art and textile students and also school children.

Plus ... they're priced to sell at just £5.00. [They're better off out of my work room and into your crafty hands I reckon!]

I loved putting these together - compiling these mini colour stories and naming each one appropriately was a lot of fun. For example .... below we have, amongst others, 'Kingfisher Coloured', 'Mint Choc Chip', 'Night Sky' and 'A Misty Morning':
 Hopefully these will appeal to all kinds of crafters [happily 3 have already been sent on their way since their debut on Tuesday ... so it's a good start!] ... however ...

... I think they might just be the perfect fit for papercrafters who dabble in adding fabric to projects, but who don't want to have to buy full pieces of fabric just to make some bunting on a scrapbook page for example.

Also, as I mentioned above, they'd be great for art students too - again, because there's just enough of everything in the packs to make an interesting project, yet without there being any waste or overwhelming mounds of supplies left over! [This angle, which I didn't even think of, was pointed out to me by three separate people, independent of one another ... which makes me believe they must have a point!]

Half of the stock I've put together so far is now on sale at the SkyBlueRed Studio shop in Guisborough N.Yorks and now, after much photo taking, editing and description writing ... the other half are available here in the shop:

Click image to visit the Fabricky Bits section of the shop
If you do swing by the shop you'll also see the latest themed Plundered Pages packs which include:
  • Dogs; [Yes dogs. Particularly golden labs. And me a phobic! The only dogs I can work with are illustrated ones!]
  • At One with Nature [perfect for anyone with a strong connection and affinity to nature, trees, the seasons]
  • Gorgeous Graphics, Geometrics + Colour; [A fab pack for art journalers / smashbookers, filled with colour + form. Eminently cut-up-able.]
And you'll also see the Halloween pack, Disney packs and yet another Harry Potter pack I've added over recent weeks.

And if that's not enough to be getting on with ... in the coming weeks I'll be adding some new Interesting Bits kits with themes including: Rustic Halloween; Gothic Romance; Parisian Love Notes and Christmas ...  so watch this space.

Don't forget - if you've ever made anything with any of my kits, I really would love to see. Just get in touch.

Phew, now you've made it to the end of this post I think you deserve to go put your feet up, drink something nice .... and have a browse around the shop.


Julie :-)


  1. These look gorgeous Julie, beautiful colours.
    C xx

  2. oooh, these are great! I love the way you style your product photos too.

  3. What a great addition to your range! I'm going to show dd when she gets home to see if she wants any for her textiles :)

  4. Now those look just fabulous

  5. These better be a regular thing Julie - when I get my creative mojo back on (and some spare prennies) I shall be visiting your shop... tea in hand!

  6. Ooh, I didn't know that some of your lovely kits were available in a store - where they could be chosen in person. How wonderful!

  7. i swoon! how will i choose? will there even be any left when i get home from work!

  8. Wow, these look great. So many possibilities.

  9. What a superb idea, a great extension of your wonderful plundered pages. And great, as you say, for scrapbookers. Off to browse - and may they be a huge success!


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