Monday 10 September 2012

It's A Sign: How's this for an unsubtle memorial?

Hi, hi, hi.

A few months back I was in a branch of the Yorkshire Trading Company. Even if you don't have one near you, you'll be familiar with the types of shop it is.

It's the kind of place where fishing-tackle nestles on the shelves near bed-socks just down the aisle from sequin-trimming-by-the-metre. Where you can find raffle tickets, dog biscuits and cake moulds under one roof.  You know ...

The place you head to when you need to pick up air mail envelopes, drain unblocker ... and grave-side memorials.

Yes. They sell those too. And it was in this particular aisle - in a place filled with odd combinations - that I found the most noteworthy juxtaposition of stock.

Because ... hark ... what's that they've placed next to the 'Low Low Price' grave-markers, with their lines of comforting script and the artificial grave-ready flowers?

Why .. that would be ... a novelty parking meter. An appropriately 'Expired' novelty parking meter ...

*I assure you that I had no hand in mischievously rearranging stock for my own comic ends here. This is all the shop's own [no doubt purely accidental] creative display.

If you're in the mood for more smiles:
Happy week ahead.

Julie :-)


  1. That's funny! I'm wondering whether it was actually supposed to be there though. Perhaps some people do want a 'novelty' grave marker. It just seems such a bizarre thing to sell otherwise (not that selling it as a grave marker isn't bizzare!)

  2. Snigger! This reminds me of when I was working in an administration department of a company dealing with Pensions years ago. I was asked to produce a newsletter about pensions for staff and I cheekily put a clip art of an egg timer!

  3. I lvoe the Yorkshire Trading Post - perfect place for bargain stationary or random other household items!

  4. LOL! I've never been in a store that sells grave markers, let alone sells them with novelty parking meters

  5. Oh my goodness! We have a store a little like this but not seen an item of this calibre - well-spotted and nicely blogged about. :)

  6. Lol well spotted. We have one of these stores in our town, I must check the shelves more carefully!

  7. Ha! Classic stock arrangement there, well spotted Julie & thanks for sharing :D
    C xx


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