Saturday 29 September 2012

Art Journaling: recipe card journal. Week 3 of LSNED

Hello, hello.

Thank you for your kind words on my Learn Something New Everyday recipe card journal so far. And to those who've said it's inspiring them to do something similar ... that's so good to hear! Do let me know if/when you do!

Right, as we're fast running out of September ... I'll better share the latest batch of finished cards + lessons ...

Week 3

September 15th:
Do you watch BBC4's Inspector Montalbano? Absolutely one of my highlights of the week.

September 16th:
One of the biggest, most rewarding benefits of working from home on Mondays. And one which I am constantly grateful for.

September 17th:
I'm a little addicted to my Hanjie puzzle book right now and also the Radio Times puzzle page ... and repeats of The Crystal Maze .. and Only Connect ... and I could go on ...

September 18th:

September 19th:

September 20th:

September 21st:

I'm happy about this last lesson as I do worry about the warnings people give about when your hobby becomes your job ... and how you lose the passion for the hobby. And I'd hate that to happen.

Granted there are some days where, after a day of magazine work I just can't face any more papercrafting [hence the role of puzzles in my relaxation activities!]. But, fortunately, there are other days where, as soon as I package up a parcel to post out to a magazine ... I gladly pick up where I left off in my own crafting. So it's good to have documented that in this project.


To catch up with my card-a-day LSNED journal in full visit:
And there's 3 kits available here - which containing many of the supplies I used in this project [recipe cards, washi tape, vintage images and more].


See you tomorrow with my Month in Numbers ... maybe I should begin with ... 21 = the number of LSNED recipe cards I've blogged so far ...

Julie :-)


  1. A great idea, a fab project....and gave me a lightbulb moment!

  2. Another lovely clutch - 19 and 20 are my favourites :). oh my goodness, is it the end of the month already? Help!

  3. Love them. Love your ' lessons learned' too :)


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