Sunday, 27 September 2009

Ever the contrarian.

How's that for a declaration from someone who, in her previous blog post, revealed her new role as a design team member for a scrapbooking magazine?

Yet, fear ye not, I have not been brainwashed into joining some manic layout-burning, 12x12 denying cult. No, 'Anti-scrapbook' is actually the online class I'm currently taking, which is delivered by Alisa Burke, a class she defines as being: "for anyone out there that is ready to do something outside the box with their photos and memories". As someone who spends a large proportion of my life working with photos and memories, I felt I ought to try something new, add to my skills / styles, be open to new methods and [most importantly] start experimenting with some of my latest purchases:
Somewhat subconsciously I've been collecting a little haul of painting supplies recently. I didn't really have this class in mind when I decided to invest in a few basics, but now I have them, this class seems like a perfect opportunity for me to get to play with them.

Week 1 of the class has been geared around drawing togther the photos and memorabilia I want to scrap [or I guess that should be 'anti-scrap'] over the following weeks. While doing this I've been trying to think of an over-all theme to focus on and the best I can come up with is 'things I've never scrapped before' ... and even that's going to be tricky.

Over the last few years I've scrapped steadily [and sometimes manically] and I always like to think of new topics to cover so, really, there's very few areas of my life I haven't touched upon at some point in my scrapbooking. Equally, some of the events, photos, memories that remain un-scrapped, remain un-scrapped for good reasons. I know I share a lot .... but there's still a few things I keep to myself.

So, I've been thinking that maybe that could be my theme 'Some of the Things People Might Not Know About Me'. Notice how that's subtley different from: 'All of the Things People Might Not Know About Me'!

Then again, I may not stick to any theme at all. I might approach the whole thing with a random, willy nilly, gung-ho approach.... does that sound like a suitably 'Anti-scrapbook' attitude to have?

Whatever happens I can assure you of one thing - I will, without a shadow of a doubt, at some point over the next four weeks manage to get paint on at least one inappropriate, unintended surface / item of clothing.

But then, you knew that about me already, didn't you?


  1. Can't wait to see what you create outside the box. I've always thought your work inside the box was pretty amazing !!!
    ps verification word is PARTI do you know where there it is?

  2. Sounds like a great class Julie! I've just signed up to Dina Wakley's Art Journaling 101 online class, so I too envisage being covered in paint in the coming weeks. Have a blast!

    PS my verification word was 'rolysess' - is this a subliminal message for me to step away from the Dairy Milk?

  3. Where did you come across Alisa Burke? She is one of my faves, haven't yet taken one of her classes. Have fun. Happy happies.

  4. sure did-I've seen you in paint spill action!!


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