Thursday, 10 June 2010

365 Patterns: The rabbit dress

Hi, hi, hi.

If you were anywhere near me last weekend, i.e when I was shopping, when I got home and wafted around the bedroom, when I went on Twitter and Facebook to tell everyone or when it debuted at Hannah's birthday tea party ... you'd be aware of one thing: I have bought a dress with rabbits on it. A pink dress with rabbits on it.

It was an event I could not keep to myself. New dresses are always newsworthy.

But ones with bunnies on them? Doubly so! At least.

When I declared to the online world that:
I am 34, but today I bought a pink dress with rabbits on which has made me happier than you can imagine. It's perfect.
4:03 PM Jun 5th
....some other 'grown-ups' said they needed to see it to which I assured them that a dress of such spectacular visual magnitude would indeed be photographed within an inch of its life and shared .... and here it begins:

Rabbit print dress

That puffed sleeve alone could have sold it to me:

Rabbit print dress - sleeve

Let alone the couture bunny print [which has since been pointed out to be rather, how shall I put this? Rather 'similar' to a Fifi Lapin design...].

I must admit the design looked familiar to me from the outset. My other immediate thoughts ran something like:

  • Oooh that's a nice shaped dress;
  • Oh ... it's ....rabbits?!
  • Err ... are they a bit scary looking?
  • No.... actually I think I like them ....
  • I'll just quickly try it on ....
  • Ahhh oohhhh, it fits me perfectly ....
  • ....I think I'm in love ... shall I buy it?

121/365 - Rabbit print dress

Now that it's safely in my possession I've been pondering which lady is my favourite and think it could be either this one rocking the shades:

Rabbit print dress

Or this enviable military jacket + frilly dress combo [centre]:

Rabbit print dress

Yes. I think it's the girly military bunny who I most associate with .... what on earth am I saying???? I think the pink girlishness has gone to my head ....

....and this won't help any ....

What shoes would one wear with such a dress when wearing it to a very special birthday tea party? Why, your high heeled, uber Barbie pink shoes.

Of course:

Rabbit print dress + pink shoooooooes

It's a shame that this is the best photo I could find of me at the said birthday tea party, in the dress of rabbitty glory:

Less 'bunny girl glamour' and more bewildered Alice down the rabbit-hole' I'd say!

I really do look like [a] I've forgotten how to read and [b] that I fear that card I'm holding is radioactive don't I?

All the photos of the dress [so far] have made it into my Chasing Patterns project on my Flickr gallery, where it's burrowed in with 120 other patterns at the moment. But that still means I'm falling behind if I'm to get 365 in there by the end of the year!

There's only one thing for it. I will simply have to keep hunting for more patterned dresses of desire. How ever will I cope?

Links to, stories of and even in-person catwalk-style parades of your own dresses of desire or most bizarrely patterned items of clothing are most welcome.

Don't be shy. After all, as I've established: I am apparently 34 and did indeed buy a pink dress with rabbits all over it, which I wore in public and then told you all about it complete with photographic evidence ....

I'm certainly not in any position to judge your style choices ....

J ;)


  1. I've got a pair of rabbit ears you could have borrowed. It's a great dress.

  2. Gorgeous. And I want your shoes too. Please?

  3. It's wonderful! How delicious is that! And I thought I was daring buying a brightly horizontal-striped skirt from Boden (for which I have NO shoes!). Here's to wearing the unexpected with elan and happy abandon :)

  4. Fab dress! Inspired idea to use such brilliant fabric to make such a pretty little thing. Another incredible find!

  5. That is one adorable dress!!!! And the most wonderful pair of shoes. Your quirky taste is just impeccable!

  6. Oh I saw this dress in TK Maxx last weekend, it's so cute! They had some other lovely dress by the same brand too but none of them were my size :(

  7. That is adorable! The bunnies with the big shades kills me!

  8. It's a yummy dress, the rabbits are very groovy. I thought the photo showed you trying to take a photograph with a packet of sausage rolls, to be honest. Eye test time??

  9. So sweet - a perfect tea party dress, and those pink shoes rock :) I bought a somewhat out-of-character bright blue bunny patterned smock/dress last year in Topshop and every time I wear it, it makes me smile. Whimsical clothing = a good thing, me thinks :)

  10. The bunny with the glasses, purple dress and clutch bag in the first picture is clearly the best one.
    Do you think she might want to be my friend...?

  11. The bunny with the shades is my favourite too. I too could have lent you some bunny ears - don't ask! I have some lovely fabric which features dancers that I'm hoping to make something with any time soon, I'll let you know when I have so you can see it.

  12. That is one cute dress. Hmmm...can't think of anything in m wardrobe quite that cute but at 42 I still occasionally wear my hair in bunches and my eiffel tower earrings with red gingum bows alwas go down well...with the 10 year olds at school! LOL

  13. Seriously - you mean that *isn't* Fifi Lapin fabric? Hello, lawsuit!

    So cute, either way, and looks Tenniel-ishly adorable on you. :) I love the shady rabbit, too, and also the one with the vintagey green and red dress next to her.

    That's a really very pretty coathanger, too...


  14. Oh very cute! I just bought a blue dress with OMG ponies!!11! on it. So excited! I was so pleased with it that I was uncharacteristically chatty with the shop assistant and I think she thought I was a bit mad/sad. Oh well.

  15. OMG where DID you get that dress - I want one NOW!!!!! It would be perfect to wear at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party next month....x

  16. I am so sad - I found the dress in TK MAXX (or rather a really lovely lady did after I described it to her!!) but unfortunately they only had 2 left and not in my size...Oh well!!! Have a great day, Kirsti xxx


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