Thursday, 8 July 2010

Stepping off the carousel: the zebra goes on holiday

Hello. I've been away and now I'm back. Hello again.

Firstly, due to the wonder of pre-scheduling posts, I had a giveaway running while I was gallavanting around Lincoln and I can announce now - in person - that the winner is:

Yay SJ! Please send me the address you'd like me to send it to. :)

In other news ...

... you know how I'm in the middle of setting up an online shop called The Carousel Zebra? Well, when I was running that name by a few friends one said that if it meant something to me and if I could explain it's meaning to others then I should go for it.

And I have, because indeed the the name does mean a few things which I'll explain properly soon but for now I wanted to quickly introduce you to the figure behind one of those meanings. Someone who I've known for a while now and who's stood by me through thick and thin.

Someone who, after partially naming my shop after, I decided to dig out from the back of a drawer and take on holiday as a treat.

Blog peoples, meet Zebra:Zebra is kind of my alter ego - I swear I'll explain it better soon - and clearly he's braver than me when going past those big old scary cooling towers we have to go past on our way south to Lincoln. [The towers which I've been known to burst into tears when passing as I DO NOT like big 'stuff'].

While Zebra is definitely braver than me, we were similarly unbalanced on holiday:

.... and we both enjoyed the four-poster bed in the hotel:I think I look like a broken marionette puppet in that photo .... so let's move on ...

And while at the Waddington airshow James even took this photo in commemoration of Zebra:

James is great. Stripes are great. Aeroplanes are ... well, let's not go that far ... shall we?

Right then, that's enough zebra and airshow tales for one night, I don't want to over excite you you'll need to save your energies for the 'overheard at the airshow' special and the update on how my airshow treasure hunt went ...

Be back soon.

Julie x


  1. Oh, he looks like a Very Special Person in your life, Zebra. Looking forward to learning more and how he came to the Carousel. :)

  2. hi, how are you?
    your blog looks nice ^^!

    if you have a time, please kindly give comment on my blog.

    thank you.

  3. 1. Hola, Zebra.

    2. The shot of you in the brick passage/alleyway is all kinds of photo-fantastic.

    3. Yes, yes you do look like a broken marionette. Which is far too sad a thought to dwell on...

    4. I have never before found myself thinking 'cool plane', but those stripy propellers are awesome.

    5. Not at all sure I can pull off 'awesome'.


  4. Just blog walking and want to say hi to the owner, I'm enjoying reading your review/story thanks


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