Wednesday 9 January 2013

Bang! Cardmaking with Christmas cracker gifts: 2

Hi, hi.

Albert Einstein once said that the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. And yet, here I am about to share another of the cards I made using the gifts from Christmas crackers ... despite there being tumbleweed  and chilly silence blowing through my last post on the same topic. ;-)

There's a chance that Albert Einstein may also have said the definition of insanity was making cards using the gifts from Christmas crackers.

But what would he know?  

Anyway ... allow me to present a card made using one of the several tape measures I collected from crackers this Christmas. [ETA: if you've been deprived of the joy of Christmas crackers in your country here's what they are! They're something like a party favour ... but with added gunpowder. Naturally.]
I love tape measures. I have a little collection of old ones from all kinds of junk shops, I have lots of different tape-measure design sticky + washi tapes ... and I've even been known to turn a few real ones into belts.  And I know I'm not alone in my fondness ...
When I mentioned to a friend I was making cards from 'Christmas cracker tat' she spotted the tapes and declared 'Tape measures. That's not tat!'. And of course, she's correct!
Here I used the tape across this card just as I'd use any kind of ribbon or washi tape, simply pinching it together at regular intervals for a gathered effect. I then wanted to add in something to balance the shade of gold from the metal tip of the tape measure, so I twirled a metal paperclip embellishment on to some pink twine on the opposite side:
I also added buttons in colours to compliment the other details of the design.

The focal image, featuring a character I believe is called 'Katie Mouse', is an original Plundered Page, which I cut free from a 1970s children's annual.
Unusually for me I went seeking out a focal image to colour co-ordinate after I'd already made the base. My process is generally the exact opposite but fortunately I found something to fit the bill after only the 3rd book I looked in.
So, that's the 2nd card I've made using novelty Christmas cracker gifts .. and it actually won't be the last ... and in saying that I'm suddenly I'm reminded of the quote with which I began this post.  
Here's hoping that this one will get a slightly more lively response than the last ... or else I think I will be defined as insane ... by Einstein. And how am I going to argue with that?
See you soon.
Julie ;-)
Supplies used:
*Papers, border + sentiment sticker: American Crafts '5Th & Frolic'
*Vintage image: original Plundered Pages [similar items available here in my Etsy shop and  if the thought of cutting up old books makes you wince then the tag line of the packs may help with that: I cut up the books ... so you don't have to!]
*Buttons + twine: The Ribbon Girl
*Scrap of paper doily
*Tape measure from Christmas cracker


  1. I'm sure I had a book with Katie the mouse when I was a kid - she looks very familliar.

    I also love tape measures - another reason why I'm always happy after a trip to IKEA

  2. That's inspired Julie! Not seen your last post yet as catching up with blogs or I would have probably commented. Well done on reducing the landfill of Cracker "tat" :)

  3. wow what a brilliant idea to collect them from the crackers. my cracker gift though was the awesome fish which tells ur future, always loved those
    Jo xxx

  4. Gorgeous! The pops of turquoise work fabulously. Did you get a mood fish? I challenge you to make a card with one of those, lol! ;)

  5. It's such a great idea, making a few more seems like a plan to me :)

    This year we had a collection of whistles in oyr crackers. You can guess whose idea that was - she wanted to conduct us all in a Christmas whistle orchestra!

  6. This is such a great idea, I wish I had bought the slightly cheaper crackers now!. Ours had things to do with wine and were rather good & useful, too heavy to go on a card and my guests took them! Another fan of tape measures here.

  7. Not a single tape measure in ours this year. We had a variety of hair and paper clips which made my youngest daughter happy at least. Love this one. I too am catching up on blogging and reading so will go check your last post :-)

  8. I have a collection of cracker 'tat' over the years that I think I will use but still haven't. My mum even gave me the empty crackers one year...just in case lol
    Unfortunately, I didn't crack one cracker this I may have to find my old collection!!

  9. perhaps a discourse on christmas cracker tat for those of us across the pond. are you saying you get lovely measuring tape and such in your cookies? way cute card btw.

  10. I had a little set of screw drivers in my cracker. Any ideas?

  11. no tape.measures n ours this year, all I mánager to save was a.pack of.minature posting cards (useful) a small yo yo and one.of those puzzles with the.sliding squares in.

    I love tape measures off.on the hunt for.some

  12. Thanks for your comments ladies.

    Donna - you could use the screwdrivers in the same way I used the little pen in the 1st cracker post: It would be a good theme for any DIY enthusiasts!

    Doris - I've added in a definition now - thanks for the heads up! I didn't know crackers weren't a worldwide thing!

    And Nikki I didn't get any of the fortune telling fish this time round!

  13. Great idea Julie, now I just need to snaffle the cracker contents from my DD. And party favours with gunpowder is a fab way to describe crackers, they sound much more exciting.
    C xx


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