Friday 10 January 2014

Overheard: A birthday in the balance

Hi hi.

Yesterday I was walking to the Post Office [so many of my posts here begin with that scenario don't they? You going to have to trust me that I also walk at other times.]

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes .. on the way to the Post Office. Of course.

And along the way I was heading toward a little boy [around 5] and his mother who was pushing a buggy with a toddler inside. And here's what I overheard ...
Date: 09.10.14
Time: 15.20 ish
Location: On the way to the Post Office, haven't you been listening to anything I've said?

Mother to little boy walking along the edge of the curb: "Stop that now, come on" [I think she was aware that he was almost blocking my way past].

Little boy: "I'm just doing my balancing".

Mother: "Well you shouldn't be doing your balancing next to the road. Now come on."

At this they passed behind me and I couldn't see what happened next ... although, from what she said next,  I'm guessing he didn't quite stop ...

Mother [in a firm-but-not-too-mean voice]: "You won't get a birthday cake if you don't do what you're told."

And, considering I'm another with a January birthday [today in fact!] ... it really touched a nerve with me!!

Now then ... I haven't been balancing dangerously on anything today? Does that mean I get my cake now?
Me celebrating my birthday - with cake - at the crop in 2009.  @Hannah - how was this 5 years ago???
Julie :-)


  1. We shall have to have cake when we meet up next, Happy Birthday x

  2. Happy Birthday you!!!!

    I have an overheard for you....on my way out of the Post Office....girl one 'It's like those anal ultrasounds'....girl number two 'I personally prefer chocolate eclairs....'. Don't ask....I daren't think! (Didnt hear any more of it as they crossed the road...)...

    Love your pins - Andrew Miller..single?? My my. Now THAT would be a birthday to remember ;) (is it sad to lust after a novelist??!!) And, wow, just loved the 'courage' post....

    (Sorry for rather more personal than usual comment - can't access my email and FB won't let me on. Darn me and my silly passwords!)

    Hope you have had a lovely day xxxx

  3. Eek, I nearly missed it! Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday, Julie :). That's a lovely photo of you .... (And not a scared guinea pig in sight.) xx

  4. belated Happy Birthday and hope you had plenty of cake. Love that balancing is now something boys do

  5. Belated Happy Birthday Julie. I do hope you got your cake.

  6. Happy Birthday x

    When TTO was little, he used to zigzag in and out round all the coffee shop boards on our road. When we asked him what he was doing he said "ski-ing the signs"

  7. Hope you had a lovely Birthday xx

  8. happy birthday. have your cake and eat it too!!


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