Sunday 13 July 2014

Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt 2014: Gnome more World Cup [I know, it's a bad pun ...]

Hi, hi.

Today sees the final of the World Cup and what better way to mark the sporting prowess of my country than with a weird goalkeeping gnome?

After taking my camera with me to a garden centre that was teeming with ornaments and not finding a single gnome amongst them ... I almost lost hope of finding one to cross off the Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt list [hosted by Rinda].

Until ... I found this in B&Q ...

No.2: A garden gnome
Needless to say it this was before England had exited the World Cup and while there was still a chance [although, my word, it must have been a slim one] that someone [but who?] would love gnomes and English football enough to shell out £14.00 for it!!

If your chosen team [or your sweepstake team] is in the final today I wish them/you every success! And if anyone's looking for a booby prize to give away to the losers ...

... I know somewhere that has a few gnomes going cheap ...

Julie :-)


  1. Love that gnome! I think the shops were left high and dry with England memorabelia weren't they? I bet your gnome has been reduced in price now:)

  2. A goalkeeping gnome, who thinks about these things?!

  3. Isn't he splendid? What a character! Great spot :).

  4. Love your gnome! In fact, lots of great pictures for the hunt :o)


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