Saturday, 20 December 2014

Bang! Crafting with Christmas Cracker novelties: a round-up of ideas

Hello you.

Consider this your 5 day warning ...
Every time I've blogged a project I've made using the plasticky nonsense you get inside novelty Christmas crackers someone says they'll try to remember to save some of the novelty gifts 'next Christmas'.

So I thought I'd remind you again so that on Thursday you can make sure to hunt beneath the discarded paper hats, wipe off the gravy and brandy sauce, and rescue all that odd tat from your crackers!

And as if that wasn't an enticing enough prospect ... here's a re-cap of the projects I've made with them over the last few years:
Things like pens and small toys make unique, fun embellishments on cards:
And then there's all those mend-bending maybe-if-I-hadn't-had-so-much-Sherry-I-could-manage-this  puzzles you get; just divide up the pieces and you've got yourself a set of intriguing focal features:
Find out more about these puzzling cards here, here and here.

And, finally, here are a few ideas for putting those mini tape-measures to use as a trimming:

See more images of the tape-measure cards are here, here and here.

So, remember: Christmas Day, grab all the discarded novelty gifts, secrete them into your crafty stash and use them to create some cracking good cards in 2015! [I know ... bad pun ... but not as bad as some of those cracker 'jokes' ... surely?]

Oh yes ... for those of you who haven't experienced the joy of the Christmas cracker then here's the Wiki on them ... and here's the description I came with up last year when asked what they were:

'They're something like a party favour ... but with added gunpowder'.

And who wouldn't want to celebrate the season with one of those?!

Merry merry festivities to you all!

Julie :-)


  1. Am pinning! Have a lovely weekend xxx

  2. well done Julie, I won't see the tat inside this year's crackers in the same way. I must admit I saved the ribbon from our work's Christmas dinner crackers (you know the little bits on the pull mechanism), and despite weird looks from colleagues, the few Christmas cards I had left to do were blinged up nicely!!xx

  3. I love your Christmas cracker novelty cards! Unfortunately I didn't have any Christmas cracker 'tat' this year!!! :-)

  4. You are so very ingenious and clever, Julie! I have just realised that I completely forgot to put out our carefully-bought-at-the-start-of-December Christmas crackers, so we will have lots of these to experiment with!


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