Thursday, 29 January 2015

'Art is Trash': scrapbooking with collage scraps

Hello you.

Currently one of the most popular items in my Julie Kirk [that's me] Etsy shop are the mini lucky-dip 'Collage Scraps' packs and I want to build on that and explore how there are lots of ways you can put collage scraps to good use ... with collage being only one of them!

For example I've seen/heard examples from customers who've used theirs to decorate journal covers and to cover boxes ... and as for me, I've been busy scrapbooking with mine:
Each 'Collage Scraps' pack consists of different, original scraps and segments from my vintage book and ephemera collection, plus leftovers from my own previous collage/ journal pages and pages of painty experimentations. As such no two packs are the same - so I can't exactly show you the content's of the one you might receive [I pluck them at random] but here are a few recent examples to give you the general idea:
And you can probably tell [because I just can't help myself!!] there's a slight colour-theme within each one which means that you can use them straight out-of-the-packet to create a cohesive, coordinated project without any fuss.
Now then ... to illustrate how you can put small scraps such as these to good use on a 12x12" layout I've combined lots of them together on this page [which documents a few of the pieces of work that Spanish artist Francisco de Pajaro created around the site of the Festival of Thrift in Darlington 2014]: 
It's rather appropriate - seeing as how I was using scraps and leftovers - that Pajaro is known for works which are painted directly on to rubbish and items discarded in the street!

And, in case you thought I was being harsh titling my layout 'Art is Trash' ...
... then have no fear ... that's actually the slogan he uses!
In making art from my own 'trash' I simply selected pieces which had something in common, colour-wise, with my photographs and spent time arranging them into a satisfying shape on my kraft card backdrop:
It's a fairly gridded design with very little layering ... which is unusual for my scrapbook pages ... but not at all unique on my collage/journal page. I  think perhaps my collage-inspired supplies also had an effect on the scrapbooking style I chose to work in:

I really just focused on shuffling and swapping the pieces around until each one looked like it had always belonged there; as if the space was created purely for it and it alone:
BTW: Until it came to editing the images to blog them I had no idea that a yellow 'r' alphabet sticker had attached itself to that scallop punched semi-circle Viking helmet illustration at the bottom there!![I'd put money on that being the first time - in the history of sentences - anyone's ever said that before!]

But I guess when you're using scraps to document an artist who works with rubbish ... a stray random element is only to be expected!

To save your scrolling finger ... here's the complete page once again:
'Art is Trash' scrapbook page by Julie Kirk
And here's where you can grab your own 'Collage Scraps' pack.

So how about you?
  • How have you used collage scraps [either those from my shop or your own] on something other that a collage?
  • Or have you seen Pajaro's work anywhere? I know he travels the world art-ifying people's trash ... so maybe you too have photographed it or shared it on your blog.
  • Do feel free to share any of your thoughts, ideas and experiences on today's trashy topic!
Soon soon.



  1. Ooh, a LO! And a DELIGHTFUL LO at that!!!!! Love it, love it.....[Is it weird that I just did a LO using only scraps? And that it kind of looks a bit like yours??!!].....had a big chuckle at your 'Viking.....r' sentence......(thank you for that!).....

    1. Weird? Probably not - we often liked the same styles. Now if yours *also* features an upside down Viking helmet ... I might reconsider the 'weird' status! :-D

  2. Nice!! I love the "shuffling and swapping the pieces around until each one looked like it had always belonged there", because they do!! And actually I did scroll a bunch of times.. Just to see it all again :)

    1. Thanks Lily. There's a point in a project when things just fall together and feel 'right' isn't there. :-)

  3. Cracking page Julie, you always take such fantastic photos too. I'm loving the look of those collage packs.

  4. I am new to Pajaro, but will be off to google in a moment. I like your concept of shuffling too - one of the delights of working like this (and I don't do it often enough) is that things seem to fall into place in a way one hadn't and couldn't have envisaged in advance... Lovely stuff.


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