Friday 13 February 2015

Memory keeping: What Would Grandma Do?

Hello hello.

Around this time last year I had an idea to mark what would have been my Grandma's birthday by wearing something to remind me of her.

So I picked out a cheerful but, most importantly, comfy flowery dress plus a cardigan with pockets. Because what use is one without pockets? Where do keep your tissues?
And this led me on to thinking about a few of the other things she would do:
And, after I had the photo opportunity and the memories fresh in my mind the scrapbook page practically made itself ...
The layers, the pink and florals, the old paper and silver accents will be familiar to you if you saw my post earlier this week about 'signature styles' and 'go to' combinations how, time and again, I return to certain colours, prints and styles in my crafting.
And my Grandma would certainly have approved of the strips of tinsel  I used ... because while she was ever practical [hence the cardigan pockets] she was partial to a spot of festive sparkle too. [Can't imagine where I got my magpie streak from ... ].
As for how I marked her birthday this year ... well, she was a prolific reader, so I spent the afternoon working on my first book review post for my new book-relate blog feature Portable Magic so I could publish it on her special day.
Although our tastes in literature differed [no Catherine Cookson on my reading list this year] she, like me, found ways to feed her reading habit without having to spend a lot of money by visiting libraries, jumble sales and charity shops. 
And the nice thing is, now that I visit charity shops regularly, to seek out treasures for craft projects, for my shop or for my own book shelves ... I don't only stop to remember her on her birthday. Her bargain hunting spirit keeps me company year round!
Thanks for stopping by today so that I could keep my memories by sharing them.


  1. Not only is this a beautiful page, it's also a terrific subject for a page. My Grandma would probably have popped out for a few buns. Possibly French Fancies.

  2. A delightful read and a lovely tribute ... I like to think she'd have been tickled pink. I love that photo of you in the dress and a cardigan: my grandma would have been quite at home in something similar. (And a tabard-type pinny which she would whip off of someone came to the door.) As Sian says, this is a great subject, and you are making me think ... The best kind of post, Julie!

  3. What a great page and a lovely way to remember your grandma. You made my day with your sharing this, Julie ... thank you! : )

  4. My Nan sounds very much like your Nan... And my Mum too come to that :-) Just love this page Julie.

  5. Oh! my mum used to say that very thing about pockets in cardigans!! lovely post and Happy Valentines Day Julie.

  6. what a fabulous idea Julie. I can imagine some of the things my two grans would have done too lol. Lovely page and post
    Jo xxxx

  7. Fab page. I lovE seeing how you use.scraps on your pages and hope I will be inspired to take up Scrapbooking again!

  8. Lovely tribute! Your work is so inspiring!


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