Thursday, 12 March 2015

Make your own colourful rainbow embellishments [I can't promise a pot of gold at the end of it so 'self-satisfaction' will have to do!]

Hello hello.

I've had this 'how to' planned for months ... ever since one of these, that I made years ago, dropped out of a crafty-bits-bag and I was reminded of its colourful cuteness:
Then, just this week I received an email from Pinterest filled with rainbow craft ideas for a St.Patrick's day* party and decided that now was definitely the time to get this post written ... as it's St.Patrick's day on Tuesday 17th March.  
So, if you are planning a St.Patrick's day party:
  •  you've still got plenty of time to make a few of these to use as cup-cake toppers, decorations, bunting etc
And if you're not:
  • and you just want to use them on birthday cards, get well cards, scrapbook pages, tags and more ... then you've got all the time in the world!
*BTW: Until that Pinterest email landed in my inbox I had no idea that rainbow crafts were a big part of St.Pat's. I did know about the green Guinness ... but I don't have a tutorial for making that ... so this will just have to do for today.
If you like what you see then please do save, Pin or share!
If you don't have a die-cutting machine or dies then ...
  • I'm sorry, genuinely. It's annoying when you don't have all the things used to make something you quite fancied trying isn't it? But not all of my crafting tutorials use a die-cutter ... so maybe have a browse around my Pinterest tutorial board or just generally through my blog. 
  • You could always draw around 7 different sized glasses, plates, bowls etc
  • OR draw 7 different sized 'Auto-shapes' in Microsoft Word then print and cut them out and use them as templates.
  • OR ... you could always be friendly to someone who does have a die-cutter! Maybe your local crop or crafting group has one for anyone to use [ours does]. It might just be the push you need to get out there and meet some fellow creatives!
Here's a gift tag I made featuring one of my happy handmade embellishments:
I thought that using it alongside the mix of kraft and black helped add a smart counterpoint to the whole Technicolor spectrum aspect!

I'd love for this quick and easy rainbow-craft 'how to' to reach lots of creative eyes [and hands] so, if you liked it, please do pin it to Pinterest or share the post with friends. Thank you!

And be sure to send me links to your own versions either here on my blog or via my Facebook page. [If it's a bit quiet over there this weekend it's because I'm going to be offline for a short while - I'll reply as soon as I can].

Happy rainbow-making my little leprechauns!

Julie :-D


  1. A nice little project, Julie, and I can see these for Christmas too ... Black is a great foil for sharp colour.

  2. Green Guinness? Trust

  3. These are so cute! What a great way to use up some older papers or scraps. I think I shall try this out on my Cricut Explore!

    I designed a rainbow stencil and blogged a card using it on Saturday here: but I also hadn't thought of it as a connection to St. Patrick's day. Was it always rainbow crafts for St. Patrick's day, or have people just got fed up of using green? I always think of it as a Spring embellishment for some reason though!


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