Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Card making with the 'Daring Cardmakers' challenge: 'Something green, and pointy,and Arrow-y'

Hi hi.

I couldn't tell you the last time I did this - joined in with a blog challenge ... just for fun, because I fancied it, because I was inspired to get creating- but here I am!

[p.s: if you're anticipating an anniversary card from me next month ... look away now.]

[p.p.s: just to clarify, that message is intended for James .... don't be disappointed if I haven't made you an anniversary card ...]

It was Nat's prompt on the Daring Cardmaker's blog that did it: to create a card based on the TV show 'Arrow' but as I've never seen the show, I'm not entirely sure why it grabbed me!

Maybe it reminded me of when my friend Kirsty and I used to run The Copy & Paste Project blog - where we'd take inspiration from all areas of culture - and use it to create a new project? Or maybe it was Nat's impassioned description of the show that won me over ... because goodness knows I'm not a stranger to being utterly besotted with a TV show [hello Justifed and Sherlock ...]!

And so ... Nat's challenge was to create a card which - appropriately - must feature an arrow but with could also optionally include:

"anything else from Arrow into your cards - like the colour green (as Oliver Queen knows, it's not easy being green), a nod to the Starling city skyline, comic book super heroes, Felicity Smoak's iconic glasses, somehow getting the word Sinceriously on your card..."

And here's what I came up with in response:
  • Arrow? Yep.
  • Green? For sure. 
  • City skyline? Well .. not quite .. but there is some sort of sky happening in the picture. And it's green!
  • Comic book super heroes? Again ... not quite but there is a mysterious figure in the shadows ...
  • Felicity Smoak's iconic glasses? Well, considering I don't really know who that is ... I think I did OK with the wooden glasses which I coloured in black and coated with Glossy Accents:

The illustration I used is part of a set of 40 mini cards featuring work by Kim ji Hyuck which I've been using to make more cards all ever week since Nat's challenge kick-started my crafting-for-pleasure! 

This particular set is called 'Winter Sonata' and I got them here from Lemon Cat Shop on Etsy. [I'm a bit obsessed with Korean stationary!]

So, that's my response to the 'Something green, and pointy,and Arrow-y' challenge at Daring Cardmakers. Just for fun. No prizes involved. Purely because I felt like it! [Isn't it nice when that happens?]

Maybe I should try making some cards based on my own favourite shows next ... we'll see ...

Thanks for stopping by today. If you get a minute to leave a comment, please do. Who doesn't love getting comments?

Julie :-)


  1. I hope he's looked away. But I haven't - I've pored over all the details :). Lovely and fresh and although I know nothing about the context/TV show, it doesn't matter. Doesn't the black and white just set off that green nicely?

  2. fantastic card, love the striking colourway and all the different elements you've used.
    Thanks for joining in with The Daring Cardmakers this week

  3. Brilliant card - love all the elements and how they work so well together :)

    jo x

  4. Oooooh I LOVE IT!!!! :D

    I'm so chuffed my impassioned description won you over. ;) It's not that I am obsessed with all things Arrow right now... it's just a keen interest. Yeah right!

    But I urge you to give Arrow a try if you have need of a good binge-watching series - it is best enjoyed binge-watched from Season 1 - I only started watching last summer on Amazon and I am telling you, watching Season 3 on a weekly basis is much more tortuous!
    I was even more fangirly in my appreciation on my blog post ( - full disclosure I regret nothing when it comes to my Olicity and Arrow Pinterest board - fangirling at the max.

    But despite never watching it I have to totally commend you on capturing the Arrow atmosphere, complete with Felicity Smoak's glasses! And that image could easily be Starling City and the Glades... You get your bonus points in spades! :D

  5. I've never seen Arrow, but I do love this card in all its emerald green glory. I like the idea of cards inspired by shows and today I noticed Get It Scrapped is doing a photo a day challenge based on films: I'm tempted by that too.

  6. I think you've ticked all the boxes here! Never seen or heard of Arrow myself and I like the way you have managed to come up with a great card without having watched it either!

  7. I love Arrow and this card is a really good take on the show. Especially as you don't watch it!! Love the glossy accents glasses and the little arrow. Great card :)

  8. Awesome, awesome, awesome card! (And I mean that "sinceriously".) Love every little detail about your card. Especially the combo of black and white and just a little green.
    Thanks so much for playing along with the Daring Cardmakers this week!

  9. It's a beautiful card. I love the way you used the mini card on your card (and how you attached it =)).

  10. Great way of using all the elements from the show. Thanks for joining in at Daring Cardmakers.


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