Friday, 5 June 2015

Card making: A fun (and feminist) acetate pop up card!

Hello hello.

The current issue of Papercraft Inspirations magazine  [Issue 140, July 2015, on sale since May 26th], features 'Acetate' in my regular '10 Ways With' feature.

One of my 10 projects was based on a design that uses a strip of acetate, passed into a slot in a base, as a pop-up mechanism:
 And while the method was fresh in my mind I made a second card to share here.

This time I've used the 'Girls' sets of stamps from AHA Arts. [I bought mine direct from the designer AshleyG on Etsy, but she no longer stocks them there. In the UK they're available here from That's Crafty!]. Isn't that just the best sentiment??

I made this card for a 14 year old girl ... although it's a sentiment I think we could all do with reminding ourselves from time to time!
In the right light the acetate can  almost disappear making whatever you add to the front look almost as if it's free-standing or, in this instance, free-floating!
The rest of the card is made from scoring an folding a strip of card or - as I used here - double-sided paper from a 12x12 sheet:
For more acetate-inspired designs you can check out my Papercraft Inspirations feature and I hope something in this post had inspired you to either:

  • (a) get your crafting supplies out or 
  • (b) consider your own superhero side! 

Me? I'm just off to find my cape [although I think I'll give the wearing-my-undies-over-my-lycra look a miss this time round ...].

See you soon.

Julie :-)


  1. Now that is seriously clever ... I have peered and scrolled a number of times to work out how you've worked your magic on it. Great colours too. I love the little gem on top of the 'o' in sometimes!

  2. Love the card and the sentiment Julie! It does look like it is free floating, such a clever idea. Interesting to hear that the stamp is stocked by That's Crafty - the shop is a car drive from me. I must go and have a look, I've not been for a while.

  3. Oh, its brilliant! Like Alexa, I've been trying to figure out how it's done! Love it - and, yes, it's a sentiment we could all do with sometimes! Have a GREAT weekend! Helen xxx


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