Tuesday 8 September 2015

One half vintage papers, one half craft supplies, one whole load of inspiration. [A new range that makes up in creativity what it lacks in grammatical accuracy].

Hi there.

Yesterday I finished adding a new range of creativity kits to my Etsy shop and I thought I'd share them here to give them a chance of being seen and to give anyone looking for a new project this coming autumn a chance of being inspired!

I started putting this range together back in early August but had to take a break from the necessary sorting, packing, photographing, photo-editing, description writing and uploading elements as [and I may have mentioned this before ...] I had a longstanding date with my favourite Dane [although Carsten Bjørnlund comes a close second ...] and everything was put on hold.

[Seriously, if I'd have turned down to see Benedict Cumberbatch in Hamlet because I had to re-stock my shop you would have, quite rightly, detested me for my idiocy and loss of perspective; and I'd never have spoken to myself ever again. So ... all-in-all it's just as well that I went.]

But back to the papery bits ...

The new range of 'Plundered Pages: Craft Packs' is a twist on my old faithful 'Plundered Pages' packs which are a curated, themed, collection of vintage papers. Only, for these new packs I've added in a collection of craft supplies which coordinate with the vintage papers. Hence the tag line:

"One half themed vintage papers, one half coordinating craft supplies, one whole load of inspiration!"
  • This way a single pack should be enough to get you started on a new creative project without you needing to find other elements to compliment the images. 
  • You might want to add in all kinds of other items, but these new packs are a great starting point!  
I won't show you every single pack [they're all set out nicely in the shop anyway] but let me give you a quick overview of the kinds of themes you'll find amongst them ...

The 'post-holiday', 'days out', 'in nature', 'on the water', 'in the woodland' type of themes:
These kits are filled with things like:
  • vintage images of owls, squirrels, hedgehogs, rabbits, foxes and bears
  • plus hedgerows, birds, the sea, scenery, 
  • and patterned papers and ephemera in warm shades of blue, russet and green 
All perfect for settling down with on these chillier evenings, in front of the fire, with a glue-stick and some scissors. These would be ideal themes for:
  • travel journaling and
  • scrapbooking holidays and days out in the fresh air! 
And then there are even more packs in appropriately autumnal / wintry shades and themes such as:
And then, for anyone inspired by more vivid shades [and anyone who isn't currently staring down the barrel of autumn like us in the Northern hemisphere] there's a glut of ...
If you're looking for inspiration on what to do with such a kit ... 
They're basically the exact kind of thing I use for all my creative projects whether that's junk journals, scrapbooking, collage, art journaling etc etc. I always tend to use a mix of vintage and new/reclaimed and you can see examples of this by searching my blog in general OR ...

And so ... if you get a minute please do drop by the shop and :
  • see if there's either something that stokes your own creative boiler ... 
  • or that you can imagine a friend getting a kick out of if you bought it for them as a Christmas gift. 
Whenever I put together those very specific themes I always know:
  •  that there's someone out there who will feel I made it just for them. 
  • Someone who will be so excited to see a collection which celebrates what they thought was just their own little niche
  • Someone who never expected to see their pet-topic in a craft kit!
Oh and ... I didn't even mention the new selection of regular Plundered Pages packs which are also rather specific! [eg. The Netherlands, Horses and The Unreliable Body!]

So, yes, do do do have a browse and I'll be happy to parcel up your choices and get them out into the misty autumn air and on their way to you ASAP.

Thanks for stopping by today. Any thoughts, questions, ponderings ... shout up in the comments.



  1. These look perfectly splendid, Julie - and great for scrappers and artists who don't have, or don't want to trawl through, lots of coloured/patterned papers! I'm eyeing up that heathery pack :).

  2. Absolutely lovely Julie! Off to have a look in your shop:)

  3. Your kits always looks so inspiring but sadly for me I've changed over to the digital path. Supplies were just taking over way too much of the house - notice I said house not room.


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