Monday 21 December 2015

A little something to digest before Christmas.

I really wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas here, of course I did.

I still do.

In fact ... "Merry Christmas!!" there, I've done it now. *Ticks it off the To Do list.*

And I felt I should accompany my greeting with photos of something filled with the spirit of the season ... yet I'm seriously beyond Christmas crafting ... [and I'm saving the photo of the Peppa Pig/ Shrek / Minions nativity scene I saw at the weekend for a post on my Facebook page later this week], so I had a rummage around my files and found just the thing.

It's a collage I made a few weeks back mixing together two of my favourite things to do: listening in to conversations and creating Snipped Tales.

I made up the first half myself ...
But the second half - well, the speech part - is something I genuinely overheard in a tearoom this year:
In real life the man in question mostly appeared to be joking ... yet something in his voice told me he would stick to his guns and not pick whatever it was his lady companion had suggested ... 
And so ... I chose to share an awkward conversation over what's supposed to be a nice lunch ...

... because if that doesn't describe Christmas ... I don't know what does! 

And with that I'll wish you a Christmastime filled with merry lights and twinkly people ... with not a hint of indigestion in sight.

Julie x


  1. I think that does sum up Christmas as you get older. As a child you sail through the angst and stress in a world of toys, wrapping paper and chocolate. As you get older you become aware of trying to be all things to all people so that everyone is happy ... and then you have a tantrum (or is that just me?!)
    A Very Merry Christmas to you and yours too x

  2. love your wicked humour - have a great Christmas with a minimum of awkward conversations

  3. Merry Christmas Julie, to you and yours! x

  4. Happy Christmas Julie! I've enjoyed another year of your fun blog and am looking forward to more in the new year.
    The only time I try and persuade my husband that he needs to choose a certain thing on a menu is when we are 'sharing' a dessert!

  5. Hah! Christmas time is almost here....have a great one. As for diets and food and whatever. I just stay away from the kitchen unless invited in. Suits me fine;)!!! Merry times right back atcha from downunder:)

  6. Ha Ha Ha - that was quite funny & when I first read I read tear room, not tea room ... which made me giggle all the more as I read on. Merry Christmas.

  7. So clever! Love your wit ... And beautifully put together. Wishing you happy days x.


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