Monday 4 January 2016

My mouth wishes you a happy new year [my mind may still be elsewhere].

Like many people James and I laid in bed last night pondering the end of the Christmas break and the start of the first working week of 2016.
And, as we laid there, in the dark, we held at bay the inevitability of Monday by clinging on to the final moments of Sunday while chatting about all that had just passed and that which was still to come.

"We could say something good we remember about Christmas." I suggested.  And he concurred. 
And here's where my mind started to drift. I mean ... I knew there'd been moments which I should have been able to recall:
  • Gift-related ones.
  • Romantic ones. 
  • Those 'breathing-out' ones. Where everything is OK. More than OK. Where I felt completely content.
But no ... none of those sprung immediately to mind. Instead I spent the next few seconds trying really hard to think of anything other than the first thing that came to mind.

And then ... while my brain was engaged in the activity of coming up with anything other that the first thing that came to mind ...

 ... my mouth just went right ahead and said ... the first thing that came to mind:

"Well ... ", I said, knowing that this really wasn't the most appropriate memory to have surfaced first, "there was Aiden Turner ... in a towel."*

*For anyone who missed out on that particularly, erm, memorable scene in the BBC adaptation of Agatha Christie's And Then there Were None then allow me to enlighten you - just click here.

But, come on now, don't rush to judge me. I'm sure that anyone who saw that scene [or who's just clicked away to it now] will vouch for it's striking almost-made-me-choke-on-my-chocolate-orange qualities.

And, anyway, you're probably more bothered about my impropriety than he was. Have no fear ... he took it in his stride and we soon moved on to the topic of things to look forward to in the coming year. 

And again here there were probably profound matters we could have discussed, memories in the making to plan, fresh dreams to dream. Then his mouth uttered the words ...

"There's supposed to be a new Star Trek film coming out". 

In short ...

... we both went to sleep happy. 

So ... let me wish you a happy new year [that was our first photo of 2016. Yes it's blurry but, it's like I always end up saying ... you don't get a second chance at a first photo!]

And - whether its recalling seeing someone in a towel or anticipating seeing someone in a Star Fleet uniform - let me throw in a wish that you have plenty of whatever you need to get you through the next 360 days with a smile on your face. 

[And if you don't ... you can always Google 'Aiden Turner. Towel.]

Julie x


  1. Wishing you a very happy new year too! I did watch the Agayha Christie but must have dozed through the AT moment :).

    1. Well, there's always iPlayer ... When I was watching it I was just saying "I read that he spends a lot of time in a towel in this but he hasn't been in one yet" ... then 5 seconds later - there he was! I've tried it again since ... to no avail.

  2. I think the lady in charge of costumes must have been an AT fan! Think I'll be giving the Star Trek film a miss? Happy new year!

  3. Yup. And it starts again. I'm always reminded of the Harry Chapin song 'all my life's a circle'. Oh, you're too young. Probably don't know him. Worth looking up tho ;) !! Happy new year's.... :):)

  4. I gave up on the Agatha Christie - I could cry now! Is it still on iplayer? I'm off to check! Happy New Year :)

  5. Honestly, I think I'm more excited by the idea of a new Star Trek film. But, then, I'm odd ;)

  6. I watched the agatha as well, very nice!

  7. I have to admit to being very happy about both.

  8. splutter.. funny.. i thought 'the towel scene' (both of them) was put in to break the tension in a very well constructed period drama... lol who am I kidding I think it was there due to popular demand
    ... lol

  9. gosh the things you miss when you are unwell

  10. I feel a bit on the edge because I didin't watch Agatha and I'm not into Star Trek. Boo Hiss!! I obviously don't know what I'm missing! lol
    Glad the towel scene was to your liking (and many others by the sounds of it!}
    Happy New Year Julie!

  11. That was a great programme wasn't it? And the added bonus of the towel scene! Happy New Year to you Julie (I am more looking forward to the Dad's Army film!!!)

  12. Didn't he look different! Still a hottie though!!

  13. I missed the Agatha Christie on Boxing Day as we had a power cut so didn't bother with the other episodes and missed AT (in the)altogether -- thanks for the prompt!
    PS This is my first comment, a new year resolution following on from your recent posts about comments.
    Love your blog, have a happy and creative 2016.

    1. Hi Gilly! Thanks for taking time to say hi!

  14. Oh my, thank you for that link. Here in the US we don't get enough Aidan Turner in a towel. =P I am also excited about the Star Trek movie! And Benny's going to be in a Marvel movie! Happy New Year to you. =)

  15. Okay. I am so going to look for that version!
    I think a Christmas highlight for me was my son asking to spend time with me!

  16. Oh Julie! I've nearly just spluttered my tea everywhere!! Yes I concur that was probably the best thing about the Christmas break! Didn't he look delicious? Anyway Happy New Year to you and may 2016 be a great one for us all (oh and I'm slit lay excited about a new Star Trek film too!)


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