Friday, 5 August 2016

Overheard: Let's hope the Olympians are better at Geography

It's been years since I shared an overheard here [although if you follow me on Twitter you'll be all up-to-date with what my ears have been eavesdropping on lately]. 

It hasn't been quite as long ago as the last Olympics, but it's not far off. So let me rectify that right now with (well, I was going to say "With something suitably Brazillian" ... but, I know you, you'd get the wrong idea. Deliberately.) ... with something suitably topical then ...

Overheard when? 1 May 2013
Overheard where? Boots the chemist. North East England

Two sales assistants were chatting about a third ... and this is how their global themed conversation went: 

Sales Assistant 1: "She thought Brazil was in Spain". 

After which Sales Assistant 2 paused before replying: "Well ... isn't it?"

Let's hope Team GB and the rest of the Olympians (I suppose it's only sporting) have had the foresight to flip through an atlas by now! 


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  1. Funny, but also rather worrying ...

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  3. Yes, funny, but rather common, I'm afraid... general culture has been 'recedign' all over the world for a long time now. An example, I was born in Chile of Spanish parents, when I first came to Spain -quite a long time ago- some people in a group of different nationalities got really surprised I spoke Spanish 'so well' ;)

  4. Oh my! Yes, a bit of map work is clearly needed. Your vintage ones are lovely ... I always enjoy your overheards.


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