Thursday, 30 March 2017

Snipped Tales 'halfway there' book giveaway


Hello you.

Yes, this is a give away. Yes, I will tell you how you can win a copy to keep or give away. Just ... give me a  minute first ... to ramble ...

Creating a published book from my private hobby of making tiny text-collages was one of the most rewarding and delightful gifts I've ever given myself. And I give good gifts.

 On the other hand ...

... deciding on how many of them to print was one of the most stressful times I've had in recent years.

There were so many factors to juggle ... and I'm notoriously bad at catching.

When faced with the mathematical nitty-gritty of pricing, profit margins, and print costs that scaled with size, my stomach, previously buoyed-up on the initial creativity of the project, began to sink. But the project couldn't go ahead until I finalised that print number; I had to commit to something. 

I wanted to both play it safe (begging people for reassurance I was doing the right thing) ... and take a risk at the same time. I believed in what I was doing, I had the money in the bank, I wanted my work to reach more than a handful of people.

So I decided on a number. 
  • A smallish number in the grand scheme of publishing, but a number that was far higher than the 'safe' option. 
  • A number that was at least 5 times more than the 'sure thing' orders I knew I was likely to receive. 
  • A number that was many more than what I could expect family and friends to buy.
In a show of support for which I will be  forever grateful, during the first week the book was on sale it sold more than a few people had advised a first book, self-published, would ever sell.  Which was when I knew I'd made the right decision to publish more than that!  

Naturally, once the initial excitement of the first month and the Christmas gift-buying season were over, sales began to slow. But then ... just this week, a couple of orders came in and tipped me over into a territory I'd been looking forward to since the beginning. 

This week (wc 27th March 2017) I reached the half-way mark! 

And now that I've reached this milestone it's my turn to order a copy .... only I'm going to send that one to one of you. 


  • I will send one gift-wrapped copy of 'Snipped Tales' to the giveaway winner. 
  • I am happy to post to anywhere in the world (However, please note: I have had trouble posting to Brazil in recent times ... with at least 2 orders going missing).
  • Any one can enter, even if you already own a copy. 


  • Leave a comment on this blog post making it clear you are entering the give-away. 
  • In your comment you can say why you'd like a copy, or who you'd gift it to. You don't need to to this to enter ... I'm just interested in hearing from you. 
  • (Feel free to also comment if you're not entering. I like hearing from you anyway!)
  • You can also enter via this post on my Instagram account. Where I will be giving away a second copy. Enter one or both ... I don't mind! 


  • The giveaway will end at 1pm (UK - BST - time) on Thursday 6th April 2017.
  • I will make a list of all the entrants and use a random number generator to select one at random.
  • I will announce the winner in a blog post ASAP afterwards. 
  • PLEASE make sure you either check back to see if you've won OR that I can contact you to let you know! eg. if I can't hop through from your account then please leave another way to contact you eg. a Twitter/Instagram handle. 
  • If I can't contact the first winner, I will re-draw to select another winner. 

Best of luck to you. And please share the opportunity with anyone you think would like to join in! 


And before I go ... 

Thank you to those - you know who you are - who have valiantly played their part in hauling my book's little legs over that halfway mark. 
I couldn't have got this far without you ... I do hope the book repaid you in some way for your efforts.

And ... if you want to read more about the book or pick up a copy yourself:
Now you can get commenting to win a copy! 

Julie x


  1. Julie I am so happy for you that your hard work is paying off! have you dreams for book No 2?
    I am slowly (over many years) working through my family history so I have yet to sample success! Of course mine will only be for publication to family, but how I look forward to the day it's done.

  2. Your book looks Great! Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  3. As an proud owner already I just stopped by to say that the winner is most definitely in for a treat (and to admire your stripes..)

  4. Yes please I'd like love to have a chance to win a copy. Congratulations

  5. Congratulations!!
    I would love to win a copy!

  6. Hi it's Julie G here! i absolutely love my copy of your book and I have a colleague at work who's interested in creative writing - I think Snipped Tales would be perfect for her so please enter me in your draw, thank you!

  7. I would be so honored to own your book thankyou for the chance
    Fingers crossed

  8. Congratulations! You just pushed me over the edge to order my own personal copy -- just in case I don't win the giveaway. And if I do, I know my sister would also love a copy.

  9. Well Done!!! I'm so happy you are having the success you deserve for this delightful, insightful and delicious book! I would love another copy, I may gift it to my sister or I may be my lending copy! lol. I'm confident that in the not so distant future you will be announcing a 2nd printing!!

  10. I would love to own a copy of your book. I am saving from my pension every week to buy one if I don't win ... and if I do I can give the bought one to my favourite friend.

  11. I would love a copy as I have been a fan of yours for quite some time now. I have learnt such a lot. I might gift it to one of my daughters. Good luck with your continued success.


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