Monday, 29 May 2017

5 Lessons I Learned from Self-Publishing - a guest post at Book And Brew

Hello hello. 

This month (May 2017) marks 12 months since I made the decision to indie-publish my book of Snipped Tales (available here). 

One small year; one whole lot of paper shuffling, designing, decision-making and self-promotion. 

And I'm far enough away from the thick of it, to be able to pause, reflect and synthesis some of the thoughts and experiences I had during the process, and offer up some advice to anyone hoping to do the same.

To read my 5 snippets of advice (actually 'snippet' is an understatement. It's almost a book chapter. A book about writing a book ... mmmmmm ... food for thought ...) where was I??? Oh yes ... read my 5 snippets of advice head over to Book & Brew where you'll find the full article.

Throughout the publishing process alongside the details, the finances, the design choices, the structural ideas, all the nitty-gritty - I occasionally scribbled notes on what was happening and how I was feeling:

All in this notebook in fact:
Create Your Own Story huh? I guess I really took the cover slogan to heart didn't I?

(Hey, that could be another top tip for newbies: 'Do all your planning in a notebook with an appropriately motivational phrase' ... can't hurt anything, can it?)

So -
  • if you're contemplating self-publishing a print book (I haven't yet published an e-book), 
  • or you're thinking about thinking about, maybe, perhaps, one day, possibly, potentially, self-publishing a print book ...
  • or even if you're absolutely certain that you won't, or can't, self-publish a print book ... 
... do head on over to read through the 5 Lessons I Learned from Self-Publishing over at Book & Brew ... and who knows where you'll be this time next year ...


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