Tuesday, 11 July 2017

I've been exhibited! Snipped Tales at the 'Blimey!' pop-up exhibition

Well, hang me on a wall and call me art! I've had one of my Snipped Tales featured in a pop-up mini-art exhibition.

On Sunday James and I went to Darlington (about 30mins from home) to visit postcard No.29, in an exhibition of 200 postcard sized works of art. 
Hosted as part of the 10th birthday celebrations of the Darlington-based arts group Blimey!, the 2 day exhibition was held in an empty unit in the main shopping centre: 
Earlier in the year I saw the call they put out for small, 10x15cm, works and thought ... 'Mmmm ... what do I do that would fit on a small card like that ... ?' and the answer was pretty clear. Happily the new snipped tale I wrote for the occasion, was accepted and so off we went to see it amongst 199 of of its peers: 
I began with the idea that it was Blimey!'s birthday and sifted, browsed and snipped until a full festive tale emerged, titled 'Warm Glitter' (which, makes me feel slightly queasy for some reason, like ... how/why - exactly is it warm?) Here's a closer look: 
And here's the whole thing, complete with a splatter of warm glitter ... 
There was a public vote element to the exhibition - which I didn't win - (not that I expected to!) ... but I did enjoy browsing the work to find a favourite to vote for. Here are a few that caught my eye ...

I liked the geometric shapes and the dark figures on these:  
And I loved the little people on this one titled 'My Family': 
This one - featuring a mirror - caught my eye:
I enjoyed the colours of the smudged paint on this: 
And these rich shades are just gorgeous: 
Strangely though, I forgot to photograph the one I voted for - which, no, wasn't my own! But it was another text-based piece though.

As I was placing my vote I saw James take his voting slip over to the wall, where I assumed he was getting the name of the artist he was voting for. And I felt a little pang that - OK, so there was no way I was going to win the public vote, but I thought I could have counted on his! 

Hours later, when we were back home, while folding laundry I couldn't keep it to myself any longer: "You know," I said, not heartbroken, just a bit surprised, "I can't believe we went all that way and you didn't vote for me!" 

Well ... he wasn't amused. "What makes you think I didn't vote for you? Of course I did!" ... and it turned out it was just the number of my piece he was looking for on the wall (which you had to write on the voting slip). Oops.

In long-term relationships there are few times you don't mind being the one in the wrong. But this time round, I was OK with it!

Thanks to everyone at Blimey! Darlington for inviting my 'Warm Glitter' to your birthday party! It was fun to see my work on a wall for the first time since school!  

As for my snipped tales in general, I've submitted various other pieces here and there this year and next week I've got an interesting snipped-project coming up as part of my MIMA 'Writer in Residence' residency ... but I'll be able to share more on that once it's done. 

And - apart from the book full of them -  I'll no doubt continue to find new ways to spread my strange little papery philosophies from here on in. I'll keep you up-to-date with any developments! 

See you soon, 



  1. I'm trying to find a polite way of suggesting the warm glitter has something to do with Distress Stickles, but . . . nope. So glad to see the details of your piece up close. Hurrah and hearty exhibition-worthy congrats again.


  2. Brilliant - well done! Jo x

  3. Another totally fun adventure that you took us on. Thank you! [By the way, I'm so glad you were wrong too and that James DID vote for ya ... I would have to!]

    And again I'll say ... oh how I wish we had fun things like this where I live!

    Have a good day, Julie. : )

  4. What a great idea. And how exciting to have a piece of your art hanging in a gallery!

  5. How marvellous to be part of a public exhibition!

  6. How super! I really like your entry :). Glad it all ended well re James too.


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