Thursday, 7 October 2010

Bird Week: [Belated] Day 4


If you're one of those who's afraid of the flapping ... be warned, because the birds are back!

I'll try to pick up where I left off last week and deliver two more days of bird bounty to you to complete 'Bird Week'. And, speaking of deliveries look what the stork brought...

... oh, OK, to be more accurate - look what IKEA brought - new, birdy-delicious fabric at £4.99 per metre!
As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I've just treated myself to a new bookshelf which was the principle reason we made the 80mile round-trip to IKEA.

Yet, tell me this .... have you ever been able to leave IKEA without anything other than the main thing you went for? Mmm?


Our little extras this time round included 4 seat cushions, 3 glass jars, 3 packets of their meatball sauce, something horrible in a tin which James chose ... and a metre each of two fabric designs, both from the new 'Annamoa' collection:

This one [listed as 'Multi-colour' on the website] features repeating blocks filled with designs including the stork, this little finchy thing: ... a bird cage, some turtles ... and a squirrel holding some sort of cheese knife. Obviously.

The second fabric Igot was the 'Light Yellow' version:
It has a definite feel of designs from the 1930s/40s/50s and is filled with beautiful birds like these:
And this one: Which is really rather similar to the buzzard snapshot we grabbed a few weeks back:

So, really, it was inevitable I'd be taking some of this fabric home with me wasn't it?

The thing is, when I bought it I didn't know what I was going to do with it so I only bought the one metre of each. I've now realised that both these fabrics would have made great new curtains [one side in each pattern] for my craft room which, as I showed you yesterday, has a few new additions already. Except 1metre's just not long enough and I can't flip the design around and run it horizontally as it just wouldn't look right.

And the squirrel with the cheese-knife is weird enough already.

I wondered about making a band of another fabric to get the right drop. James thinks I should just go back to IKEA and buy some more. We'll see.

But if we do go back - purely to buy 4m of bird fabric ... who knows what else might fall into my big yellow bag on the way around?

Julie :-)


  1. That's the difficulty, isn't it? I went recently (similar-sized drive) just to look at doors for a fitted wardrobe, and spent £40 on food and plastic storage. Eek.
    Love the fabric though, I managed to veer away from that department, but I saw some delightful stuff... oh lordy.

  2. I think part of their plan is to make you walk past everything else just to get to want you went for.....and if you're anything like me get distracted on the way with lots of things you just have to have.

    I was going to suggest adding a deep band of your fabric to the bottom of some plain curtains but if James is encouraging a return trip I can't deny you that :)

  3. Gorgeous fabrics - luckily our nearest Ikea is some distance away and require half-a-day there and back! And, of course, it's in your favourite yellow ... Well, I'm with the go-back-and-get-some more idea. Just enough to stitch to what you've got already, and cover the horizontal joining seam with a strip of bias-binding, ribbon, or other fabric in one of those glorious colours. Those birds need room to fly - you don't really want them caged into a small space on your window wall, do you? Give 'em some flight-room, I say!

  4. The only drawback in moving from Croydon to Eastbourne is the distance to IKEA.. we were 15 minutes away before.. and now it's more like an hour and a half!

    Yummy fabrics.. they would make adorable craft room curtains, however you decide to make them.


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