Thursday, 14 October 2010

Ordinary, everyday, Treasures

Hello, hello.

Over the last few years ... mainly since we installed WiFi at home [where I can be curled up in bed and online too!] I've been lucky enough to have 'met' lots of wonderful web-people!

I mean, there's you for a start, obviously ... but today I wanted to give a quick mention to the members of 'Ordinary Treasures', the social group I belong to on the UKScrappers forum. When Helen and I initiated the group, we chose the name as it fit with our mutual love of using everyday bits + pieces, such as office supplies, haberdashery finds and home-made embellishments, on our scrapbooking pages. But, over time, we've realised that it's the people in the group who are the real treasures.

So, today I thought I'd share something with them - and you - which I spotted a few weeks ago and which lifted me right out of my ordinary day!

I was in the bedroom, on my laptop, when I just happened to look up and catch sight of this:
... a perfectly pastel palace rising up from between the roofs of the suburban bungalows!

After my first glance, I actually did a full-blown cartoon-style double-take! And if I'd had cartoon eyes, they'd have bulged out at the same time too. It's really not the sort of thing that crops up on my horizon every day! I even called James in to check if he could see it too .. just in case I was hallucinating ...

Which I wasn't! As the photos prove! And this Brigadoon of a bouncy-castle, rising out of the mists of our estate, truly made me smile and, literally, brightened up my day.

[It was almost as good as the time my Mam and I crested the top of a hill to find an elephant on the other side ... but that's a tale for another day ...]

So, these photos today are especially for Alexa a most wonderful and gracious supporter of all my online ad/ventures and who might just appreciate being lifted out of the ordinary. She's in the midst of building her own castle [OK, so it's actually a house extension ... but still] and right now, the view across her garden is not quite as colourful as the one above!


Alexa, I'm certain that when those shiny new windows are finally delivered ... you'll find something as magical outside to look at in no time. Even if the only things visible are seemingly ordinary ... I know you'll be able to catch a glimpse of the treasures. Because that's what you do!


And if you're feeling a bit ordinary today [yes, I mean you] ... then please allow my castle-from-nowhere give you a little lift too.

Now, how does that song go? 'Just the two of us, building castles in the sky ... just the two of us you and I .... '

Julie ;-)


  1. I get to smile and hear a song .. now that's why I'm enjoying reading your blog :) How wonderful seeing this fairytale castle ... and the perfect backdrop too.

  2. Or what about that other song "I saw the rain's dirty valleys, you saw Brigadoon"

    Definitely a double take moment :)

  3. Wonderful photo, Julie - a smile spread right across my face! What a great incongruity, and I'd have pinched myself, too. I am so very touched by your warm words and kindness today - you will never know how these have lifted my inner self up above the rooftops of the everyday, and let me get a new view... xx Alexa


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