Thursday, 21 October 2010

Overheard: You've made your bed ...

Hi, hi.

So, here's one from a couple of years ago [which really makes me aware of just how long I've been in my current job!]. I'm not sure why, while browsing through my entire overheard collection, I decided to share this one with you right now.

I think it might be because, after being back working my 'day job' for 3 weeks now, my own bed is calling to me more than ever ....

To quote Sophia from the Golden Girls ... picture the scene ....

... it's March 2008 and I'm blithely drinking my cup of tea and eating a sausage bun in the Student Union cafe, when what should drift across the room but this delightful, one-sided telephone call, glimpse into debauched student life ....

Male student on mobile phone: What? You threw up on your bed?
Awww that’s the worst that!

You know what’s funny though? .....

Did you still sleep in it even though you’ve threw up?

Yeah?!! I’ve done that!! Are you still coming out though?
Just get a bacon sandwich and Lucozade down you and you'll be alright!

There you go. Don't say reading my blog never taught you anything! Next time you vomit on your bedding you know the remedy ...

You can thank me later.

J ;-)

Photo details: My bed. Which I can honestly say I've never thrown up on.


  1. How gross are youths, did you manage to finish your bun? I dont think I could have.

  2. Oh Yuck! That makes me kinda glad I didn't go to uni.


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