Monday, 11 October 2010

Overheard: It's like the Fort Knox of the sandwich world.


I went to my local crop on Satuday and met someone new who'd not been before. During one conversation some of the regulars [ie: my friends] decided to warn the newcomer to be careful what she said near me as anything she said could possibly appear in print, on my blog, sometime soon .. now, wherever did they get idea from?

It would appear from this that I've got something of a reputation, but, really, I'm not that bad ... I mean, it's not like I run to the nearest computer to blog about what I've just heard. I mean, sometimes it takes me a few hours ... and ... well, actually ... it's just that ... I've been dying to tell you this lovely fresh one I heard just this morning ... so here I am!

It came from what is so often a rich seam of enlightening conversational topics amongst students: food. This time it was a group of students near to me were discussing the Subway chain of sandwich shops.

Female student [who I'm guessing was not a natural cook]: I spent £15 in Subway ... they even have bouncers on the door there.

Incredulous male student: F#?k off!! What for? In case you, like, get a bit fresh with a jalepeno?

Made me smile at least ... right before I nonchalantly reached into my bag for a notebook and pen ...

Reputation? What reputation?

J :-)


  1. My goodness I had no idea that the sandwich shop could be such a dangerous place,though he is probably guarding the till if thats the cost of a bun.

  2. Woooh... We do have a Very Posh Jeweller's in town, which has a Crombie-clad Bouncer standing in front of the door. I went there to buy a silver spoon as a christening gift and had to negotiate said bouncer (him in his Crombie and me in my beige cord jeans-jacket). Actually, once inside they were very nice...
    Still, I didn't realise I'd need to negotiate for entry to Subway as well. Hmm... perhaps I'll stick to M&S (and my lunch wouldn't cost £15 in M&S either)!

  3. Great overheard comment! Made me smile ...

  4. Love the overheard it made me laugh. What on earth did the student buy for 15 quid? The student loan won't long shopping in subway.

  5. Julie, that overheard made me laugh out loud, (made DH chuckle too). please keep overhearing & sharing


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