Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Happy Shelves

So, hello. How are you?

Me? Well, I'm a smidge tired and brain-weary after taking on something new at work, but I can't complain ... as I've also taken on a few new shelves in my craft room. Ones which are making me very happy. I know what you're thinking 'small things amuse a small mind', but really, they are very happy-making shelves
:I'd been kidding myself all summer that, eventually, I'd find time to sort out all the piles of paper and 'things' that were carpeting my floor and make everything tidy and new. Then I got real and went and bought myself an Expedit shelf unit from IKEA.

First a Big Shot. Now an Expedit. I must have passed the 'real crafter' bar by now. Surely?

But these are not the Expedit. I didn't photograph that as it's still in a mess after hurriedly receiving everything from my magic stash-carpet and, quite frankly, I'd prefer to fool you into thinking I have a perfect house.

I'm cunning like that.

Instead, I thought I'd introduce you to the new shelves I'm proud of:

Really, they're only a pair of cheap pine shelves which, when I was thinking of storage for my room, I recalled were tucked away in the back of a wardrobe, in the spare room. Neither of us can remember why we had them or where they came from ... but a wandering woodworker from Narnia is looking like the most likely option.

Anyways ... I painted them white and butted them up against my Expedit [sounds painful, I know.] And now they elegantly display ...

... my neon string: ... my old tape measure collection:

... my spray inks plus [a fraction of] my sticky tape hoard: ... my eclectic collection of small folk [maybe you should be properly introduced to them individually sometime?]:
... some of my gifts to James, who seem right at home standing guard over my Stickles: [Sorry, that noise was me sniggering. I always find something rather suggestive in the name 'Stickles'. And don't even get me started on Tim Holtz's 'Distress Stickles'. Just try saying it, fast, three times ... then you'll know what I mean...].

Finally, as if I haven't lowered the tone enough already .. my new shelves have also provided a home for a pin-cushion I was given as a gift and which, while it it's made from very pretty fabrics, I've always thought had a rather unfortunate shape:As for the Sheriff badge ... well, that's something I bought a loooonnnnng time ago, on a family holiday in Florida when I was 13. I came across it the other day when I was sorting through an old button tin [as one does] and, after polishing it up, I thought it looked especially handsome near the new metal bar and hooks hanging beneath my new shelves. So I poked it into the unfortunate shaped pin-cushion for all to see.

It's also there in answer to Sian's question regarding which was my all time favourite badge [which she asked in a comment on this post about my collection]. So, there you go Sian, I think it's got to be this one.

It's a classic. And 'Sheriff' is one, slightly more glamorous, step up from all those 'Prefect' badges I wish I'd kept!

Thanks for reading me today.

I hope you've got a happy shelf or two tucked away somewhere too.



  1. So very jealous of that corner/wall of loveliness. I long for a craft room. I might soon have a craft wall though :)
    Would love to meet the little people...

  2. Thank you for making me smile ... I love to see shelves all lined with objects of beauty :) ... oohh you've made my day!

  3. I can't believe it - I can't blinkin' believe it! Horsey's original badge was like that.okay, but the really funny bit is that when he arrived years ago the kids thought it was funny to say he had come from Florida because obviously he hadn't with that fur.

    A truly excellent badge choice.

  4. I'm so relieved to know it isn't just me who sniggers like a twelve-year-old every time someone mentions Distress Stickles. Seriously, how did no-one pick up on that during product development?!


  5. Just loving those gloriously coloured shelves. Mouth-watering and immensely uplifting! Why are mine in a box?


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