Monday, 13 September 2010

My badges: The Teenage Years!

Hello you.

I've loved reading your comments on my previous badge history post! And I'm intrigued at how it stirred up a touch of nostalgia in you. Sorry Gabrielle ... but no, I just can't remember what I'm meant to say in response to your Gnasher catchphrase .. you'll have to remind me! And Hannah ... I'm sooooo looking forward to seeing your framed badges! Soon. xxx

I thought I'd move you on from Dennis the Menace today, and share with you some of the badges I collected as a teenager - no doubt some of these will trigger memories in you too.

So let's start with me at 13, visiting Florida and going to see the first of the Batman films: I remember being so impressed that we'd got to see it before it came out in the UK! So impressed, that I probably bought the badge to take home as proof!

Then, what teenager of the late 80s/early 90s didn't have something featuring one of these:And, alongside my refusal to eat any tuna that wasn't 'dolphin friendly' there was this: These days, when green issues are at the forefront of politics ... it's strange to recall how Anita Roddick was such a pioneering figure in 'Fairtrade', 'organic' and 'environmentally / animal friendly' products. Her principles had a big effect on me and I used to love reading about where The Body Shop sourced it's ingredients and how it treated the producers fairly.

That said ...

... I think, when I bought the following, I wasn't taking myself [or conservation issues] especially seriously:

OK then, I'm going to clear off now, but I'll be back with some more badges later this week. One of which has what I would sheepishly call a 'big swear' on it ...

... consider yourself warned ...

J ;)


  1. Love the 'save the males' badge, it's important really - we need them for the human race to survive don't we?!

    I had a yellow smiley face badge. Didn't we all?! xx

  2. These are great and I'm looking forward to seeing some more. Do you have a total, alltime favourite?

  3. another who had the smiley face badge here, I also went through a phase of bodyshop tshirts.... life's a beach & then you fry. I also had a Smurf patch on my jeans, must try & find a Smurfette badge.


  4. This is really cute :) (I'm still collecting Batman badges!)

  5. yay...badges....drool!!! I have recently got the bug again after getting some horror and anime badges free with the respective SFX specials. Have Frddie Kreuger pinned to my handbag :)
    Cant rememeber what I had but certainly some football ones.....!
    No smiley face ones that I recall.....but I do have a smiley cup and salt and pepper set. Did have the teapot but gave it to my mum.
    Cant wait to see some more :)

    O, have to thank u Julie for recommending Wolf Hall in ur blog few months ago. Am loving it :)


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