Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Bird Week! Day 2! Bird stuff! Obviously.


I made some cards for my Scattered Scarlet DT project today:

You can see more pictures of them in my actual post over there should you so wish.

As for the quails' eggs ... they were something James bought, as he's always on the look out for an unusual culinary experience. [However, the less said about the 'anchovy style' fillets he bought last weekend ... the better ... seriously ...].

Anyway ... I felt that the eggs, with their soft chalky surface, each with their own unique pale blue/grey/brown markings were really far, far too pretty to be left in the fridge all lonely, under utilised and un-photographed! Especially when I had some tiny birdie cards to show off ... so I borrowed them for styling purposes!

Elsewhere, in a rather similar style to the CatsLife Press stamps from 3DJean which I used on those cards ....as you might expect, birds have been featuring in the badges I've been making to sell in my Carousel Zebra shop:And judgin by the small flurry of bird-badge buying there's been ... I'm not alone in my avian proclivities.

Which reminds me ... when I set about making my badges I try to put them into a few broad categories such as 'birds'; 'animals' and 'hobbies'. So far I've had a few suggestions of specific themes which people would like to see me featuring so, if you have any ideas on that front - or want to request a custom item, just let me know and I'll get to work.

See you soon. I have some splendid bird illustrations to share with you tomorrow - Wednesday - Day 3 of 'Bird Week'!

[I love saying that - it reminds me of those themed weeks you used to get in primary school! Anyone up for rolling crepe paper into thousands of little balls to glue onto a mural?].

Julie ;-)


  1. Very, very lovely colours Julie. I'm completely taken with them.

  2. Pretty, pretty.

    And I always love the look of quails eggs, too. Not to eat, just to look at...

    So happy your bird badges are being snapped up. Much deserved sales, although I still have my suspicions you'd be *almost* as happy to keep them and wear them or use them yourself as to see them fly away to new homes. ;)


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