Saturday, 4 September 2010

Spending my pocket-money ... unwisely?

Hello you.

I've been treating myself to a few things today ... things which, on paper, I'm probably too old to have been excited to find. But who cares?

First up is a pack of animal print card:

Animal print card

I have a thing for animal print [as I confessed to in this post, remember?] so it was inevitable that they'd find their way into my grubby hands anyway ... but it was a certainty once I spotted the cute die-cuts they'd included ... I guess it's in case we can't work out which print came from which animal:

Animal print card

Not that I'd have any trouble identifying this one:

Camouflaged zebra

And speaking of zebras ... [What? Too obvious? .....] 'Julie Kirk & The Carousel Zebra', my online etsy shop, has had a lovely week this week.

After I uploaded the first two of my fabric brooches, I had a small [well earned] nap, only to awake to 4 sales .. including both of the brooches! I did ponder the fact that, as I'd had a 40 minute nap, making 10 minutes sleep per sale, I should probably add 'take more naps' to my business plan.

The only problem with that argument was ...
  • [a] when would I ever get time to make anything to sell and
  • [b] I don't actually have a business plan ...

But they're just minor points ... I still like the idea of naps being beneficial to business and since then I have had 2 nights sleep and sold 2 more items ... so there may be life in the idea yet!

OK, back to the age-inappropriate treats from today ....

While in a toy shop I happened to spot a range bracelets to which you add your own choice of lettering. After a while [and much rummaging] I decided upon one of my favourite words, found the necessary letters and bought them:

'Hello' bracelet

Then, the minute I got back into the car, I slid the little metal alphas on to the strap which, although it's meant to be for children, fits me perfectly fine.

'Hello' bracelet

[Maybe kids these days have freakishly big wrists ... who knows?! I blame computer games and the ability to text form birth].
As if it wasn't fabulous enough to begin with .... the entire range was half-price so the whole thing was a complete bargain:

'Hello' bracelet

All day, since buying it, I've been trying to decide on two things:

1. Whether or not to go back to the shop and buy up their entire remaining stock ... and ....

2. Whether or not, if I had the entire set of letters at my disposal, I'd be able to resist the temptation to, every once in a while, spell out swear words across them. You know? For fun? In which case, I'd better check there's at least 3 'F's left before I buy them up ... just in case.

OK, I'm going to skulk off now before you wash your hands of me ... and so I can go and smirk at the thought of having 'OFF' spelled out across my left wrist while ... oh, you get the picture ...

See you tomorrow. [I'm sending myself to bed for bad behaviour ...]

J ;-)


  1. I would absolutely love to go shopping with you - we could both exclaim really loudly over completely inappropriate things whilst other shoppers look on aghast and say to each other, knowingly, "Well, you only have to look at their wrists to know they're trouble!"

  2. Oh, bugger off to my stupid non-child's wrists! That's perfect, and I think you should definitely go back and gather up the remains so you can wear a novel (ok, maybe a haiku or two) up your teeny-weeny arms.

    And in more polite, gracious news - enormous congratulations on your sales figures this week. Much deserved, and long may they continue.

    Done? I am off for a nap. (What d'you mean? That won't get my shop open, let alone selling?!)


  3. Oh ha ha ha!! Think of the fun you could have with messages like that on your wrist :-)


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