Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Bird Week. Day 3: Birds of the World book

Welcome to day 3 of my self-imposed 'Bird Week' which, upon realising how much bird stuff I've accrued and could be showing you ... could seriously be in danger of becoming Bird Month!

Or Bird Lifetime.

So let me just get started and share with you some really handsome illustrations from a 1961 book 'The Golden Picture Book of Birds of the World' which cost me all of 20p! I rescued it from a highstreet charity shop where it was pressed up against a talking Dick & Dom book which shouted out 'Bogies' next to me!

Oh the indignity!

Enjoy the birdies:

I fully admit to squealing aloud when I saw this page:
And these fancies just make me smile:
Especially this one, who clearly knows just how fancy she is:

Then there's this proud chap:
... who is satisfying similar to one I'd already made for the current issue of Papercraft Inspirations Magazine [Issue 78]:
I wonder sometimes about how much people would charge for books like these if they knew how valuable they were to retro-illustrated-book-loving folk like me...
More than 20p I'm sure.

So, until they come to their senses ... let's just keep quiet about how much I'd be willing to pay if I had to, shall we?

What do you make of my bargain flock then? Would you have stretched to the full 20p for it too?



  1. Yes, would definitely spend 20p on it! I love charity shops and car boot sales for stuff like this! I recently bought loads of lace trim at a car boot sale for 50p for the lot, and I couldn't help thinking if the stall owner was a scrapbooker she wouldn't be selling it that cheap! xx

  2. It's a case of bird book envy!

  3. Sometimes when you find a bargain like that it's hard not to have a big grin on your face when you go to pay and sprint out the door in case they change their mind. I like the flamingos.

  4. aaarrgggh mingos! That was my response rather than a squeal. Definite book envy going on.

  5. Love that bird you have made! Off to see if I can see it all!

  6. I'm totally in love with that bird book! I've always liked birds but since keeping chickens I'm a tad obsessed. And coincidentally my new favourite is the pheasant! Previously thought of as a bit idiotic, flying/running headlong into cars, I have a new respect for them PC (post chicken) as they really are very similar. Love your pheasant card!

  7. Oh! Am super-envious you found a Golden series book for so cheap. They're wonderful, and just a tiny bit Sendak-ish, don't you think? I'm still going to prefer his cities over birds (which do sort of creep me out sometimes), but such perfect inspiration all the same.

    Also, BOGIES!



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