Thursday, 30 September 2010

Blog Hop: Cute Camera Cards + Layout [with giveaway]


Today's a Banana Frog blog hop day [I'm glad I only had to type that, rather than say it out loud!] and so I'm taking a break from bombarding you with birds like I've been doing all week!

Welcome if you've just dropped by from September's guest designer Birgit Moosbauer's blog. And welcome if you found me any other way too!

If you saw my Banana Frog Project of the Day [here] a fortnight ago, you'll have seen the camera embellishments I created by compositing stamped elements from various different sets. So, here, as promised, is how I've put them to use:
The perfectly fitting camera design backing paper is part of the '7 bis avenue Nicephore' range from 4heures37:
I really liked the end result on these cards and have sent many of them already. And, naturally, I had to have at least a splash of animal print somewhere, didn't I?:
I haven't only used them on cards though, I added two of them to this layout featuring a photograph of me taking a photograph of the sea:
Photographs of photo-taking is an inevitable side-effect of two scrapbookers armed with cameras on a day trip, so naturally the word 'Photographs' ended up as my title word.

I wanted this title to stand out - even against that loud PDQ paper - so I embossed the letters in alternating bright colours. The alphabet stamps I used are also from Banana Frog - they're the FT Rosecube font and Bensfolk [which is on sale at the moment for the silly price of £3.30!].

Here's a close up of that photograph which was taken by my friend, and fellow scrapper, Hannah :
It was taken during our discussions about how our position, on the edge of the coastline, was quite literally at the end of the world! Well, the end of the land at least:
You see? Scrapbookers really are capable of tallking about things other than the latest Crate Paper range ... [although, having said that ... oooh have you seen the 'restoration' range? ...]

Well the, I hope you enjoyed my camera ideas today - let me know if you make any for yourself - it'd be interesting to see another take on them.

If you're following the blog hop around, you now need to go and visit Debbie . [ETA: There seems to a bit of a problem in the hop - so you might like to move on to Michelle's blog for now - to ease you on your way!]
As usual there's a giveaway involved ... just leave a comment below [or on any of the stops along the blog hop] to be entered. For my part, I'll be selecting a winner at random tomorrow afternoon - 16:00 BST 01.10.10.

Best of luck, thanks for dropping by today.

Julie :-)


  1. Lovely stuff as per usual. Is making me very sad though, I've recently lost my camera, and can't afford a replacement as yet. And I'm sure you can empathise with the level of loss I feel!

    Still, who needs real ones when you've got delightful stampy ones :)

  2. You are really pushing me to think about new ways of using stamps on my pages Julie. I love the cute cameras and the fact that they even have straps.

  3. The cameras are absolutely stunning! Will have to dig out some old stamps and have a go!

  4. How fun are those cameras!!! Thanks for sharing these ideas :-)

  5. cameras are great. and I love how bright ur Lo is. :)

  6. Gorgeous stuff - love all those beautiful colours!

  7. fantastic! love the camera's!! sooo fitting for us scrapbookers :)

  8. Been looking forward to this post, love those camera's especially when they're on a layout.

  9. Thought those cameras looked great on your cards but then I saw them on the LO - WOW!

  10. Love those cameras! The cards are brilliant, I love the sentiment 'you're super' - such a great card to land through your door and make you smile! Love the bright colours too. Very inspiring! xx

  11. lovely cards, really vibrant colours.

  12. Wonderfully creative ways of using stamps! I love these embellishments ... The word 'photograph' is very eye-catching.

  13. I'm trying to think of a better word and I am failing. These cards are really funky. Great work!

    This is first blog hop, I think I like it! :-)

  14. Pretty and clever and inspiring and adaptable and adorable and I should probably shut up now.

    I like them, though. You got that bit, right?



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