Tuesday, 7 September 2010

And I have the badge to prove it!

Hello, hello.

You know how I've been having a high old time making badges this summer, to sell in my etsy shop? Well, I thought it'd be fun to take you through the history of my love of all things badge-shaped so have been taking photos of some of those I've held on to since I was small [I know, I know ... I'm still small ... you know what I mean!].

Anyway I thought I'd show you this one right now as, who knows, it may be about to become a collector's item:
And here [courtesy of this page on the BBC website] is why:

"The long-running club for dedicated fans of Dennis the Menace is to be replaced with a website in a bid to attract more members. The Beano Club stopped accepting new members in August, though the comic's Dundee publishers DC Thomson said it would honour existing subscriptions. The club was launched in 1976 as the Dennis the Menace Fan Club. It will be replaced in the next few months with a new website and will be known simply as Beano.com"

Clearly, you can tell I'm very old, as when I joined, the club was still known by the original name. [Not that I joined in 1976!].

And while to any kids joining today, a shiny new website is all well and good ... it's not the same as having your very own Dennis badge is it?

I'll show you some more of my, slightly less ancient, badges soon!

Julie :-)

p.s: It was my turn to keep the Design Team seat warm over at Scattered Scarlet today if you haven't spotted my post over there already.


  1. When I was young I collected badges, I still have them......somewhere. Your Dennis badge reminded of how, in honour of my 40th birthdaymy Mum unearthed a newspaper clipping of me at my 2nd birthday party. It seems I'd enrolled my cousins and friends in the 'Bimbo' club, yes that's right - Bimbo. I don't think it had the same meaning as today LOL. The clipping called me a Bimbo-ite, the cheek and printed all of our names and addresses, now that wouldn't happen today.

    You do realise I'm itching to find all of my badges now don't you?

  2. Me too. I had a denim hat with badges pinned all over it. Very seventies. I wonder if I can find it? You've set me off on another trip down memoery lane now Julie.

  3. We did, of course, read the Beano and the Dandy every week. Dennis was a great favourite of mine: such a cheeky face! I'm sure I used to exorcise my rebellious streak vicariously through his exploits. How lucky to be able to sport the badge on your lapel!

  4. Oh wow, I remember these! Did you have the Gnasher badge too? I remember yearning to join the club to receive those badges but for some reason never joined. How sad they are doing away with the fan club.

  5. Oh what a fab blast from the past this is! I was a member of the club and I loved my furry Gnasher badge. Now, if I say Gnash to you, can you remember what you're supposed to say back?!

  6. Oh my! I have this too and it's currently framed at the top of my stairs with some other badgey friends.
    Nice to see I have [and had at such a young age] good taste. :)

  7. Loving the badge, gutted I missed out on the I knit one :(
    I've left you an award on my blog :D


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