Monday 23 September 2013

30 postcards to myself: Week 2 of LSNED

Hi there.

I'm kicking off a new week - Week 2 of Going Postal - with the next set of 7 'lessons' I've recorded on postcards in my Learn Something New Everyday journal. [LSNED is a class hosted at each September].

As ever some of my lessons followed on from thinking through Shimelle's prompts while others ... like the first one here ... are just something I 'discovered' ...
Week 2
September 8th 2013:
There were two reasons I didn't write what that 'something' I found [with un-gloved hands] actually was. And they are:
  1. because I thought it might put you off your breakfast and ...
  2. because I didn't want to write 'cat poo' on my nice collage [Oh! See what you've done. You've made me say it now! My apologies to your breakfast].
September 9th 2013:
On the reverse of this card I've written about the encounter I had with an elderly lady while buying bread buns in the bakers'. When the shop assistant served us both at once the lady nudged me, smiled and said: "Isn't she good? Serving us at the same time? She'll go to heaven she will .... oh, but not just yet!".

September 10th 2013:
This page was part of the White Stuff catalogue I talked about cutting up in my introductory post to this mini-book project. The stag horn . bird illustration was too nice to cover over so I just added a few tiny collage details to it, like the stamp, number paper and alarm clock.

September 11th 2013:
The magazine James was reading had no quiz in it ... and I fancied a quiz ... so he made one up by covering over brand names and making me guess which fashion house the adverts were from. He really is the best Julie Whisperer there is!
September 12th 2013:
Now then ... with this one ... I was inspired by one of Shimelle's prompts to document a 'you had to be there' moment, a private joke, something that you could choose to explain ... or else leave vague . And I'm not sure what to do with this one ...
... you've probably got your own speculative explanations whirring around your head right now ... it might spoil you fun if I told you the mundane truth!

September 13th 2013:
Sometimes I like a list. Other times a list terrifies me!

And finally ... a nice happy lesson to end on ...

September 14th 2013:
It might take time to decide what to take to a crop, and even longer to pack it all into my trolley and bags ... and it may mean I have to get up early ... and find something to take for lunch ... and all those supplies may well need unpacking again once I get home ... but, for me, crafting in company once a month is worth it. 
I've been really intrigued at all the comments about how very 'Julie' this project seems to you!
Don't get me wrong - that's a good thing.  But the idea that I have an identifiable style always comes as a relief and a surprise! But it does make me glad ... makes me feel I'm being true to myself ... which can't be a bad thing!
I know some of you were going to have a go at this kind of book, so you might be interested to know that later this week I'll share a 'behind-the-scenes-of-the-project' post is intended to show ways you can not only begin ... but continue with ... this kind of extended/daily type of project.
But if you're new to it you can catch up here:
There's another posty post to come in between now and the behind-the-scenes post though ... so I'll be seeing you soon.

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Any problems or questions - just get in touch. :-)


  1. The cards look really good! I've let LSNED slide this year. Just too many things going on but I love looking at what others are doing with it.

  2. I am loving how your book is coming together Julie - I have't done any "crafty bits" on mine yet. All my lessons are still in my notebook! All because I can't decide how I want to add the words! J x

  3. Glad to see i'm not the only one who hoards White Stuff catalogues for crafting!!!



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