Wednesday, 11 September 2013

How'd you like to go a bit postal with me again?

Please note the new end date!

** If you're a company / shop owner / designer maker etc who'd like to sponsor a postal-themed giveaway during the series then do consider getting in touch. Or maybe offer a discount code so all us posty-lovers can treat ourselves to something from your shop.Going Postal for some reason, has always elicited very kind and unbidden offers in the past. I think it must be the idea of getting to send out some 'Happy Mail' that brings out the generous spirits! [That, or like me, you've never got over your love of the Post Office play set you had when you were little!]

And to everyone else ... come in, sit down ...

If you've popped your head around my Facebook page door in recent months you might have heard me trailing the return of my postal-themed series for ... oooh ... well ... for  months now!

And, as I'm of the philosophical school of "promise little: do much" ... it's been eating away at me that I'd said it was going to happen and yet there was no concrete sign of it anywhere. But now there is! And that scratchy / breathy sound you can here is the combination of me crossing a big To Do  from my list while breathing a sigh of relief!
If you're new here and you don't know what Going Postal is, let me quickly fill you in on the details ...
  • It's a blogging series during which I indulge in my love of things postal related;
  • It's craft projects and, in other years: giveaways, stories, photos and ideas;
  • It's postage stamps, envelopes, postcards, memories  ...
  • It's me posting my ideas ... and other bloggers joining me with their own posty posts!
And, perhaps most importantly ...
  • It's starting next Monday! [16th Sept]  
 If you'd like to join me at any point over the coming 6 weeks of postal goodness ...

Here's how you can Go Postal with me:
  • Start thinking of a way you can blog your own response the theme;
  • Blog a story about a memorable correspondence;
  • Blog a photo with a posty tale attached;
  • Make something posty related and blog it;
  • Think of any other creative way to play along!!
**If you link up to my blog in your own Going Postal post before the end of the series [Oct 27th 2013]
  • I'll add it to the Going Postal Pinterest board [which currently has 755 followers ... so it might be a good way to attract some new readers to your site.]
 Right ... I'm going to leave it there for now ... needless to say I've got a lot of posty-preparation to get on with before the series begins.

Any questions, thoughts, ponderings and ramblings ... just let me know either here or on FB and I'll get back to you.

 [Please note: I can't use the direct 'reply' function in the comments - but I will leave a general comment as a reply somewhere under yours!]

See you soon postal lovers.

Julie :-)


  1. Sounds like a great idea....would love to join in.

  2. I look forward to this! Will definitely be joining in!

  3. Looking forward to this! I'm relatively new to your blog and I've really enjoyed all your series posts so far, and this one sounds fun! =)

  4. It's lovely to see you hosting your series again. I haven't been able to join in with much the past few months but intend to join in this time....and i already have an idea :) All i need now is to transfer it to paper x

  5. You'll have me hunting out my boxes of letters again :) Looking forward to it

  6. I just happen to have 45 years worth of pen pal correspondence in a cupboard so, oh yes, I'm definitely in!

  7. I love all things postal! Will definitely be chiming in.

  8. I'm relatively new to the blogging world but looking forward to this :)

  9. I just discover your blog and I would like to join you on this fun challenge!!! Let me know if I still have time to post it on my blog, and how it works is general:)
    xx, Lana


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