Friday, 20 September 2013

Cardmaking: Hang out the happy-mail bunting

Hello hello.

I can't believe we're only at the end of the first week [of 6] of Going Postal ... it feels like I've been talking about it forever!

And that's probably because I have!

I've had some of these projects ready for months and I kept promising that another series for us post-lovers was 'coming soon' so, now that it finally has ... allow me to hang out the bunting to celebrate!
Bunting is a trend that shows no sign of leaving us anytime soon. It's settled its crafty-little-pennants in for the night, and it's not going anywhere just yet.

And,  between us, we've probably turned everything into bunting by now haven't we? Ranging from the original triangle flag shapes across to hearts, flowers, skulls ... basically, if you can hang it from a line of string ... you can call it bunting!

So why not postage stamps?

Stamps make perfect, ready-made, colourful flags for creating bunting in a hurry,  you can just pop a 3D foam pad on the back and sit them on top of a length of twine and you're done! I added two little bird stickers at either end of mine but you could try brads or mini-pegs too:
It's just another way to sneakily introduce some vintage paper 'ephemera' into your modern papers and supplies.

Thank you for the support of the series so far - from your comments, to the Facebook chat and the pins on Pinterest. It's good to finally let all my projects see the light of day ... and to have them received so generously. Thanks!
See you in Week 2 of Going Postal!
Julie :-)
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  1. Really effective - almost makes me want to make cards!

  2. That's such a good idea....the card is lovely.

  3. Lovely card Julie - I have been busy sorting my holiday snaps - so haven't done "making" but hope to have at least something to post over the weekend with a postal theme! J x

  4. I'm more than happy for you to keep on talking about it for weeks to come :) It's a favourite inspiration for me too and I love to see what you do to achieve postal perfection

  5. Really pretty card Julie and a fabulous way to recycle something that would usually be thrown away. Very simple yet striking.

  6. Hi Julie, just to let you know I've done a post over at my blog
    It's a story about my mother, letters and postcards. I've done a link back to Going Postal. Great post from you as always

  7. Ooooh! I love your stamp bunting and the little birds are fabulous!


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