Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Snippets of Words: An 'off the page' / 'onto the the side of a house' project

Hello you.

How's September shaping up so far?

Me? I'm sitting here, on a chilly grey day, curled up on the settee, with a blanket over my knees and the fire blazing away; the first day of the season I've needed it! And so ...

... I thought it was a good time to share with you a little cosy-home themed 3D project. 

Like the others in this 'Snippets of Words' series [catch up with all the posts so far here] this shows how a phrase, snipped from an old book page, can add a unique, meaningful, finishing touch to a project.

And this time around the snippet features on a little wooden keepsake I made along with a matching gift bag for a friend:
The wooden base is up-cycled from a long section of wooden something or other! [I don't know exactly what it was ... I just thought it was adorably house-shaped and had it cut into chunks!]
I then covered the front, back, and gable ends in patterned papers and raised the little building on to some decorative feet [what better way to keep the draft out?!]:
I also added a few roses around the door ...
... and, as you've probably come to expect by now [I've been saying the same thing in every post in the series haven't I?] ... the final thing to do was to sift through a pile of old pages and find a phrase which best suited the style and meaning of the project:
And, as I also keep saying, it turns out that a perfectly suitable phrase was there just waiting to be found!

If you'd like some fresh new-to-you pages to browse through to find perfect phrases for your own projects then drop by the Vintage Paper Pack section of my shop where you'll find lost of different selections to choose from.

Amongst them there's everything from:
Also, if there's something you have in mind ... but you can't see it there ... just drop me a line and I'll see if I can help. I'm always happy to compile custom packs - it gives me a great excuse to riffle through my entire collection to find just what you need!

See you soon ... and if I'm not here when you drop by, I'm probably over at my Facebook page, so do come and say 'Hi' there too.

Julie :-)


  1. I love houses, so not surprisingly, I love your house! September is going by waaay too fast.

  2. This is gorgeous x
    I certainly would give it house room.

  3. This is so cute - - I love houses - old, new, shabby or chic - -
    I have added my review to your store on Etsy Julie - but am not sure you get to see them now? I didn't get any reminder email either and at the moment I think I prefer the old feedback system but I guess i have to move with the times. Jen x

  4. Lovely colours and so nicely done! I like the 'legs' . And you always find such great quotes!

  5. Anything home themed is going to be a git with me :)


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